Jaime Burnham Interview

On-Demand Fitness Benefits Interview with Jaime Burnham at Benefitfocus’ Partner Days

With busy schedules and busy lives, finding the time to work out isn’t always easy. Regional VP of Corporate Sales, Jaime Burnham, shares how on-demand fitness is imperative in this interview with Wellbeats Distribution Manager Noelle Harrelson during Wellbeats partner Benefitfocus‘ Partner Days.

Jaime explains how Wellbeats can help reach employees of all lifestyles and abilities; providing easy access to working out on limited time.

“It’s super convenient,” says Jaime. “If you’re stuck at home with the kids and the gym is not convenient for you or your employer has an on-site fitness center but you don’t really want to work with your co-workers, you can just pull out your laptop, iPad or phone and play any kind of class you want to do and get your workout in.”

Jaime Burnham Kaltura Interview

About Wellbeats

Wellbeats is an on-demand fitness program that lets your employees work out however, whenever and wherever they like. Features include goal-based challenges, fitness assessments and 500+ classes that are led by highly-certified, relatable instructors. Wellbeats’ comprehensive app technology delivers a personalized fitness experience based on users’ interests and behaviors, helping ensure long-term, measurable engagement.


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