Play Wellbeats Workouts Offline

Wellbeats Launches New Feature to Play Wellbeats Videos Offline

If you travel for work or always on-the-go, chances are you’ve encountered moments with poor or limited WiFi connectivity. This can lead to the disruption of several day-to-day tasks – whether accessing the internet for work, or even playing an on-demand workout.

Not anymore!

Beginning March 4, Wellbeats launches its brand-new “Download Videos” feature so you can download any class you’d like to tune into without an internet connection. Whether you’re planning your next vacation, upcoming work trip, or even prepping for an outdoor run, you can now access Wellbeats offline.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Before you travel, log into your Wellbeats account on your personal mobile device through a secure WiFi connection. Find the class(es) you’d like to download.

Wellbeats App Screenshot

Step 2

Select the Download button on the upper right corner. The class will begin downloading and will mark as Downloaded once complete. Downloading videos may take a few minutes depending on the class duration.

Wellbeats app Screenshot showing how to download a classWellbeats app screenshot showing the class downloadingWellbeats app screenshot showing the class has been downloaded

Step 3

You can now access your class anytime, anywhere – without internet! Simply log back into your Wellbeats app without WiFi, select the main menu, and choose the Downloads option. You will find a library of all your downloaded videos. Select the class you’d like to play, then Start Class to begin.

Wellbeats App Screenshot showing where to find downloads Wellbeats app screenshot showing the class downloaded Wellbeats app screenshot showing where to start a class Wellbeats app screenshot showing a class playing

We hope this new addition helps make fitness even easier to check off the to-do list.  Whether outdoors, traveling, or on-the-go, use the new offline feature to access workouts anywhere – sans internet.

Note: Some exclusions apply. The downloading videos feature is available for streaming mobile devices only. Up to 20 Wellbeats classes can be downloaded depending on a device’s storage availability. To remove a downloaded video, visit the main menu, select Downloads, then select the trashcan icon to remove the class from your device.

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