April Content Release

Wellbeats Releases 18 New Classes to Help Stay Active at Home

Stuck at home? Here are 18 new ways to refresh your fitness routine inside. The new April Content Release launches a variety of classes to help you stay active including dancing, HIIT, barre, stretching, strength training, nutrition, cycling, Pilates, and step.

This release includes nutrition education videos like what types of foods to stock in your pantry, foods that can help reduce stress, and what happens to our metabolism after 40. You can also find quick, 20-minute cardio boosters that can be performed at home with no equipment needed. Also included are exercises for your hips and back that can help improve posture and mobility after prolonged periods of sitting.

Here is the full list of new classes featured in the April Content Release:

  1. Bring the Heat | 20 minutes

Get ready to dance with some energy and attitude! Grab your shoes and just start to move!

Aerobic, Coordination, Brain Fitness

2. Move Your Body | 20 minutes

Get ready to dance, move & groove with your own style and a whole lot of fun!

Aerobic, Coordination, Brain Fitness

3. Unlock Your Hips | 10 minutes

This short stretching class will help improve your flexibility through your hips, hamstrings, and lower back.

Flexibility, Mobility

4. Upper Body Mobility | 10 minutes

Use this class to help decrease tension, improve movement, and prevent injury in your upper body!

Flexibility, Mobility

Equipment Needed: Resistance Band, Tennis or Lacrosse Ball

5. HIIT That Ball | 20 minutes

Circuit training with a Medicine Ball…driving change in a unique and fun way!

Anaerobic, Interval Training

Equipment Needed: Medicine Ball

6. Pushing Your Limits | 20 minutes

Quick circuit class that will help develop a stronger cardio base and challenge you through each round to get better!

Steady Aerobic, High-Intensity Cardio, Core, Interval Training

7. Choose HIIT | 20 minutes

Are you ready for a challenge? This quick circuit class uses short bursts of exercise to help improve your cardiovascular capacity and endurance!

Anaerobic, Interval Training

8. Level Up | 30 minutes

Get ready for some speed, fun, and a focus on building strength and endurance through tension on the bike! Calorie burn is about to roll with your pedals!

Steady Cardio, Aerobic, Cycle

Equipment Needed: Indoor Cycle Bike

9. Chair Barre 3 | 10 minutes

Prepare to strengthen all the muscles in your hips and develop better posture in this short, strong workout!

Coordination, Balance, Mobility

Equipment Needed: Chair

10. Pilates Core Fire | 20 minutes

Need a stronger core, back, abs and hips? This deliberate, integrated class is for you!

Coordination, Balance, Core

11. Challenge Accepted | 20 minutes

Ready for some fun? Step into this class with a little attitude and enjoy the cardio drive right to the end!

Aerobic, Coordination

Equipment Needed: Step and Risers

12. Strong Foundation | 20 minutes

Change your body and your mind with this quick, full-body, strength training class!

Strength Training, Toning/Sculpting

Equipment Needed: Step and Risers, Barbell, Weight Plate

13. Whole Food Detox | 7 minutes

When you normally think about a “detox”, you think about removing foods from your diet. However, our bodies need a variety of nutrients to remove excess waste. Christina will explain why it’s “all about nourishment” and what foods to add to your diet.

Aerobic, Coordination

Equipment Needed: Step and Risers

14. Metabolism After 40 | 4 minutes

What exactly is metabolism and how does it affect your body after turning 40? We will explore what it happening and share 6 tips to help boost your metabolism.

Nutrition Education

15. What to Stock in Your Pantry | 5 minutes

Katie will dive in and share the foods we keep stocked in our pantries – from healthier snacks and baking ingredients to our favorite gluten-free pasta, we’ve got you covered.

Nutrition & Cooking Education

16. Spice Up Your Life | 9 minutes

Chef Marshall gives you ideas on how to incorporate herbs and spices into your life with this simple “Cardamom Ginger Quinoa Bowl” recipe. Download the recipe at Wellbeats.com/recipes.

Cooking Education

17. Healthy Oils | 14 minutes

Chef Marshall will share with you helpful information about healthy cooking oils and when to use them as he guides you through a tasty “Chicken Spinach Strawberry Salad” recipe. Download the recipe at Wellbeats.com/recipes.

Nutrition & Cooking Education

18. Foods to Reduce Stress | 7 minutes

Have you been feeling overly stressed lately? Chef Marshall will help you relieve stress by guiding you through stress-reducing foods as he demonstrates a simple “Creamy Avocado-Chicken Salad” recipe. Download the recipe at Wellbeats.com/recipes.

Nutrition & Cooking Education


Ready for a change? Try out a new class today by downloading the Wellbeats app on iOS, Windows, or Android, website portal, or Apple TV. Streaming access available to users of an employer or affiliated organization offering Wellbeats as a fitness benefit. If you’re interested in offering Wellbeats to your community, please fill out our Contact Form.

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