Wellbeats June Content Release 2020

Refresh Your Home Workout Routine with 12 New Wellbeats Classes

Wellbeats releases 12 new classes for working out at home. The new June release is full of variety the whole family can enjoy, including:

  • 3 classes for recovery and tension relief (Back & Glutes, Back & Shoulders, and Hip Opener)
  • A unique combination of yoga and barre (Yoga Barre Blend)
  • A 3-minute office break during the workday (Break Time)
  • A bodyweight-only cardio and core workout (Crazy Cardio & Core)
  • A fun, upbeat dance routine (To Your Own Beat)
  • A 10-minute, at-home workout with no equipment needed (Total Tone in 10)
  • and much more!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new:

1. Break Time | 3 minutes

In-between meetings or need a quick break in the day? In just 3 minutes, Mark will guide you through a series of exercises to help boost energy.

Office Breaks

2. To Your Own Beat | 20 minutes

Learn this fun, upbeat dance routine while adding in your own extra “flare”! Whether you’re an experienced dancer or total beginner, this class is for all levels.


3. Yoga Barre Blend | 20 minutes

Discover the perfect blend of yoga and barre! This class combines both the muscle endurance and strength of barre and the stretching and mobility of yoga.

Yoga, Barre

4. Crazy Cardio & Core | 20 minutes

Get your heart rate up while strengthening your core in just 20 minutes! No equipment is needed in this cardio-core workout.

Cardio & Strength, Core Training

5. Back & Glutes | 5 minutes

Stretch it out! This class includes 3 exercises to relieve tension in your back and glutes.


6. Back & Shoulders | 10 minutes

This recovery class focuses on tension relief and improving range of motion in your midback and shoulders.


7. Back for More | 20 minutes

Let’s get back at it! This 20-minute workout targets your entire posterior chain to help improve strength and posture.

Strength Training

8. Hip Opener | 8 minutes

Want to be more flexible? This class includes exercises designed to loosen tight hips and improve hip mobility.

Flexibility, Mobility

9. Med Ball Madness | 20 minutes

Grab a medicine ball and get ready to sweat! This cardio circuit will elevate your heart rate and work your entire body.


10. Total Tone in 10 | 10 minutes

Got 10 minutes? This quick workout will tone and sculpt your entire body – no equipment needed.

Cardio, Circuits

11. Speed, Power, & Drive | 30 minutes

Speed, power, and drive, oh my! This cycling workout has it all and will help boost endurance and strength while you pedal.


12. Twice the Battle | 20 minutes

Up for a challenge? Battle two opponents on each side in this unique kickboxing combo to improve coordination and power.


Here is a full list of new classes in the June Content Release.

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