June 24 Content Release

Wellbeats Adds 13 New Nutrition and Mindfulness Classes

Wellbeats expands its nutrition and mindfulness content with the release of 13 new on-demand classes. The latest June release includes:

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new:

1. Beauty Smoothie Bowl | 2 minutes

The Beauty Smoothie Bowl is filled with antioxidants, fiber, potassium, iron, and folate – which are a perfect combination to leave you energized and ready for the day! Top it off with pumpkin seeds, dried mulberries, or cacao nibs for the finishing touch.


2. Hydrating Foods | 8 minutes

Looking for additional ways to stay hydrated? Chef Marshall explores how food can be a key source of hydration as he prepares a refreshing Tomato Cucumber Salad.


3. Butter vs. Margarine | 2 minutes

As the name implies, this class is all about the differences between butter and margarine, cow vs. chemistry, and why one is considered a healthy fat. Join Chef Marshall as he breaks it all down and identifies the best choice.

Nutrition Education, Cooking Education

4. What’s Hiding in Your Food | 11 minutes

Packaged meals might be quick and easy – but what’s exactly in it? Chef Marshall is joined by Olympian runner Carrie Tollefson to talk through how to make a chicken garlic pasta from scratch and keep it just as simple.

Nutrition Education, Cooking Education, Recipe

5. Beverages – Demystifying Drinks | 4 minutes

It’s not just about the food you eat! Join Katie as she reveals the surprising ingredients in many popular beverages, as well as healthy alternatives and recommendations to swap for instead.

Nutrition Education

6. Chickpea Broccoli Goat Cheese Skillet | 2 minutes

Gut health is a key factor in our overall wellbeing. This one-pan skillet is the perfect combination of the prebiotics, fiber, and spices you need to improve your gut health and ensure you are at your best!


7. Chicken Pesto & Rice | 2 minutes

Looking to fuel your next run or workout? The Chicken Pesto and Rice Recipe has the protein you need to maintain muscle mass and feel full longer.


8. Cardamom Ginger Quinoa Bowl | 2 minutes

Need a new breakfast idea? Spice it up with this simple Cardamom Ginger Quinoa Bowl!


9. Broiled Salmon w/ Turmeric Coconut Rice | 2 minutes

Looking for ways to fight back inflammation? This recipe is full of Omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory spices such as garlic, ginger, and turmeric. Follow along as you prepare a healthy, nutritious meal everyone is sure to enjoy.


10. Mindfulness 101 | 25 minutes

New to mindfulness? In this Q&A, Mark interviews certified meditation teacher and mindfulness educator Lacey Melguizo. Learn how to be more present, recommended exercises and tips for getting started, and all the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness, Q&A

11. Mindful Eating 101 | 25 minutes

What is mindful eating? In this Q&A, Mark interviews nutrition expert Dr. Kim Waters. Dr. Kim shares the importance of mindful eating and her top tips and exercises to help take control of our eating habits.

Mindfulness, Nutrition, Q&A

12. Healthy Herbs & Spices | 20 minutes

Ready to spice up your next meal? Mark interviews Chef Hearn for recommendations on healthy, immune-boosting spices and herbs to include in your dishes.

Nutrition, Q&A

13. Mindful Breathing | 8 minutes

Need a quick break in the day? Slow it down in this short, mindful breathing exercise. Mark will guide you through each breath to help increase focus and relaxation.


Here is a full list of new classes in the latest June Content Release.

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