July Nourish Content Release

Take a Trip Around the World from Home with Wellbeats

Get a taste of exciting destinations around the world… from your own kitchen! Internationally known celebrity chef Daniel Green shares 4 authentic meals you can make right at home from locations like England, South Korea, France, and Thailand.

Ready to try something new? Check out Nourish recipes from the latest Wellbeats content release that is sure to satisfy your taste buds:

1. Bibimbap (South Korea) | 10 minutes

Take a trip around the world from home! Chef Daniel Green shares how to create a healthy bibimbap recipe with steak, vegetables, egg, and cauliflower rice topped with a delicious Korean chili sauce.

Cooking Education, Recipes

2. Salad Nicoise (France) | 8 minutes

Experience a taste of France with this healthy, French-inspired summer salad! Chef Daniel Green will guide you through how to make this flavorful salad that includes tuna steak, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, and even healthy homemade dressing.

Cooking Education, Recipes

3. Skinny Fish & Chips (England) | 8 minutes

Love fish and chips? This recipe is a healthy spin on the classic English dish that is sure to satisfy your taste buds! Chef Daniel Green will demonstrate how to make a “skinny” version that is still full of flavor.

Cooking Education, Recipes

4. Thai Red Curry (Thailand) | 10 minutes

Ready to whip up something new in the kitchen? Chef Daniel Green shares this savory Thai red curry with shrimp recipe that is full of herbs and spices.

Cooking Education, Recipes

5. Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa | 3 minutes

Ready for a taco night? This bright, flavorful dish includes mahi-mahi and a refreshing avocado-mango salsa.


6. Pico de Gallo | 2 minutes

This easy, one-bowl recipe is the perfect chip dip! Loaded with tomatoes, green peppers, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and lime juice, this classic pico de gallo recipe is both zesty and delicious.


7. Veggie Scrambler | 2 minutes

Start your day right with this easy-to-make veggie and goat cheese scrambler. This recipe is full of healthy fats and protein to keep you satisfied all morning.


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