August 2020 Content Release

Hit The Reset Button on Your Fitness Routine with 16 New Classes

Need to hit the “reset” button on your fitness routine? Now is the perfect time with the addition of 16 brand-new workouts on Wellbeats, including:

  • 3 exercise challenges
  • A 20-minute, full-body workout using only a chair
  • Recovery classes focused on hip mobility and low back
  • A barre class with a twist
  • A 5-minute mindful breathing exercise
  • and much more!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new:

1. On the Beat Challenge | 5 minutes

Ready for a quick challenge? Follow along as Mark leads you through 3 exercises: squats, planks, and pushups. Once the first minute is up, it’s all up to you: complete as many as you can for one final minute.

Exercise Challenge

2. Squat Jump Challenge | 4 minutes

Complete as many squat jumps as you can in one minute. Mark will guide you through a quick warmup and how to perform with proper form – then it’s jumping time!

Exercise Challenge

3. Plank Challenge | 9 minutes

Up for a core challenge? Hold a plank for as long as you can to fire up those abs and help improve your posture and stability.

Exercise Challenge

4. Total Body Power | 30 minutes

Power through this full-body, 30-minute workout focused on strength and conditioning! All you need is a pair of light and heavy dumbbells to work your entire body head to toe.

Circuits, Cardio, Toning/Sculpting

5. Hips & Abs | 20 minutes

Get ready to work your abs and hips with just a loop resistance band. These exercises will help tone and define your midsection and lower body so you can feel stable and strong.

Strength Training, Toning/Sculpting

6. Sculpt & Tone | 20 minutes

Double the band, double the sweat! This full-body workout uses two loop resistance bands to strengthen and sculpt your entire body.

Strength Training, Toning/Sculpting

7. Hip Mobility | 10 minutes

Roll, restore, and reconnect with these recovery exercises for your glutes and hamstrings. Using a softball and resistance band, Jodi will guide you through exercises for your lower body to help you move better, feel better, and prevent injury.

Flexibility, Mobility

8. Bridges & Hips | 10 minutes

Keep your hips and core activated with these 3 active recovery moves: dead bugs, glute bridges, and planks. These low-intensity exercises are a great way to keep your body moving during those off-training days.

Core Training, Flexibility

9. Lower Back Release | 7 minutes

Do you sit most of the day? Experiencing back pain? This recovery session focuses on stretching your lower body and spine to help relieve any stiffness or pain in your lower back.


10. Chill | 5 minutes

Take some time for yourself in this relaxing, 5-minute mindful breathing session. Instructor Erin will guide you through breathing exercises to help you destress, relieve tension, and “chill” no matter where you are.


11. Barre Cardio | 22 minutes

Move your body in this barre class with a twist! Perform 3 sections of ballet-inspired barre combos with an additional cardio burst to get your heart rate up


12. Quick Fight | 10 minutes

Ready for a quick battle? This kickboxing combo focuses on fighting two opponents: one on each side. Let’s do this!


13. Triple Step Threat | 25 minutes

Step ‘n’ sweat with this 3-combo intermediate step routine. Instructor Tina will guide you through exercises to get your heart rate up while having fun!

Cardio, Step

14. Turbo Training | 30 minutes

Get ready to push yourself! This 30-minute fitness interval class will help you increase power, endurance, and speed as you pedal.


15. Unseated | 20 minutes

Grab a chair but don’t get too comfortable! This 20-minute, full-body workout will work your whole body and can be performed anywhere – whether at home, a hotel, the playground, or even the airport.


16. Meet Instructor Jeremiah | 18 minutes

Meet Jeremiah! Jeremiah is dancer, choreographer, and Wellbeats instructor who loves to have fun with movement. In this special Q&A, he will share how he makes time in his busy schedule to stay healthy and active.


Here is a full list of new classes in the latest August Content Release.

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