September TFR Content Release

15 New Ways to Destress with Wellbeats

15 new classes just dropped on Wellbeats! Whether you’re looking to blow off steam in a high-energy strength training and cardio workout or unwind with recovery stretches, you can find a variety of ways to destress with Wellbeats on-demand classes.

This release includes:

  • Cycling workouts focused on hills and interval training
  • Unique class combinations including kickboxing-cardio, and barre-Pilates workouts
  • Stress-relieving recovery sessions to alleviate tension and tightness; including options for hips and back, lower body and core, and full body
  • Strength training workouts to tone and sculpt your muscles using dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands
  • and more

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new:

1. Power Under Pressure | 30 minutes

Ready to feel the burn? This class focuses on building pressure using intervals, hills, and tension on your bike to spark your heart rate and expand your cardio capacity.


2. Stretch Away Stress | 20 minutes

Need to wind down after a busy day? Erin will guide you through a series of stretches to help you slow down and destress in just 20 minutes.


3. Armed & Ready | 20 minutes

This workout is all about the arms and shoulders! Grab a set of dumbbells and get ready to sculpt and strengthen your upper body.


4. Post-Workout Stretch | 20 minutes

In need of a cooldown? This 20-minute, post-workout stretch opens up muscles that can often feel tight after high-impact or resistance workouts.


5. 360 Degree Strong | 22 minutes

This strength training workout will hit every muscle group to torch and tone your entire body. All you need is a light and heavy set of dumbbells and yoga mat to get started.

Strength Training

6. Hips & Back | 10 minutes

Need to relieve tension in your hips or back? This quick recovery class will stretch out your hips and improve spinal mobility using only a towel.


7. Legs, Lungs, & Hills | 30 minutes

Build and burn your legs and lungs in this steady hill climb! This 30-minute workout will help increase endurance as you ramp up in resistance and speed.


8. One-Sided | 30 minutes

This 3o-minute, circuit-style workout will build total-body strength while focusing on each side of the body separately. Using just one dumbbell, Alex will guide you through 4 circuits with a combination of strength, HIIT cardio, and mobility.


9. Time to Shine | 30 minutes

Raise your heart rate and spirits in this fun, 20-minute groove. This dancing class helps bring out your own unique style while moving to the beat.


10. Barre Pilates Flow | 20 minutes

This fusion workout combines elements of both barre and Pilates. Work your entire body in just 20 minutes – all you need is a yoga mat!

Barre, Pilates

11. Stretch & Align | 7 minutes

This short recovery session focuses on the lower body and core for ultimate alignment. Move and breathe through each stretch to improve posture and relieve tension in your lower body.


12. Smooth Groove | 20 minutes

Find your inner groove as you sway to the beat! Have fun while moving your body in this slower-tempo dance routine.


13. TKO Cardio | 20 minutes

Take your TKO workout to a whole new level! This high-energy workout includes cardio bursts through each kickboxing round to blast calories and elevate your heart rate.


14. Kettlebell Blast | 20 minutes

Blast through a series of strength training and cardio movements using kettlebells. You will need one light, one heavy, and two medium kettlebells (or dumbbells) to get started.

HIIT, Strength Training

15. Rotate Your Body | 20 minutes

Wake up your muscles as you twist and rotate your entire body. You will need a set of medium dumbbells, one heavy dumbbell, light or medium resistance bands, and yoga mat to get started.

Strength Training

Here is a full list of new classes in the latest September Content Release.

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