Wellbeats Instructor Spotlight: Meet Lynnea!

Wellbeats is excited to spotlight one of its newest instructors to the team: meet Lynnea Doublette!

Lynnea is a certified group fitness trainer through AFAA (Athletics Fitness Association of America) with over 10 years of experience teaching dance fitness classes. She is also a certified personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and licensed Zumba instructor.

After being introduced to the company through her friend and fellow Wellbeats instructor Heather Corndorf, Lynnea felt inspired to continue her dance instruction – virtually!

Learn more about Lynnea in this exclusive Q&A:

What inspired you to join the health and fitness industry?

I started my journey with health and fitness during a time of my life that I thought it was too late to make health changes and to enjoy an active life. However, I needed to challenge myself to believe that there was no age limit on getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle.

What is your favorite part about teaching dance to others?

The exchange of joy and energy! I thrive off the smiles and that feeling I get of YES! You can do this and so can I. Whether I am in the same room with the participants or we are virtually connecting in my class we will exchange energy and joy!

What classes can we expect to virtually join you in the near future on Wellbeats?

Island vibrations! A dance fitness class that will encompass African, Latin, and Caribbean-style dancing.

Lastly, what advice would you give to others who may be intimated to work out or don’t know where to start?

I want to let you know that often we ourselves are our biggest barrier to our success.

You can start today in the comfort of your home: put on your favorite tunes, dance or march in place in the living room… go down to the garage and turn on your radio… or even challenge yourself to move your body for as long as each commercial runs between each song.

The key to intimidation is to start now and your biggest competition is YOU! Set goals for yourself, your body, and your health. You got this!

Ready to dance alongside Lynnea? Her brand-new “African Dance” class is available to all Wellbeats participants starting Monday, February 1st.


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