Wellbeats Instructor Spotlight: Meet Chance!

Wellbeats is excited to introduce our new mindfulness instructor, Chance York.

“I got involved in the yoga/mindfulness industry as a natural extension of my own healing,” says Chance. “My background as a teacher and musician helped develop my voice, my presence, and my gift of reaching people, no matter their ability level. I made it my mission to share the methods that have helped me.”

As a Registered Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance, Chance is the lead instructor on the meditation team at the George Wellbeing Center in the Douglas Dayton YMCA in Minneapolis. He is the key voice in the YMCA’s mindfulness movement.

The heart of his work is helping people become more present in the moment. “The majority of life happens out of habit, on autopilot,” says Chance. “First, we must become aware of our habits. Next, we need to repeat the desired actions until they become automatic.”

“There are many doorways to awareness,” Chance explains. “Intentional breathing is the easiest method for me.” On average, people take 20,000 breaths a day. “If I can be conscious and breathe intentionally for 20 of those breaths a day, I’m slowly reclaiming my life from autopilot.” Chance guides people in becoming more aware of their habits. “Good habits, over time, lead to healthy, empowering results,” he says.

Chance designs his classes to be simple but impactful enough to want to repeat. “The objective is to ‘stack habits,’” he explains. “Along with intentional breathing, it’s important to be aware of our thoughts; the tones they have; and the beliefs they perpetuate.” Physical challenges expose the stories we tell ourselves. “Even observing the thoughts we have when we make excuses to not workout or to procrastinate on our tasks can lead to fruitful self-discovery,” he says.

Chance’s first two Wellbeats classes have already proven popular: Gratitude Meditation and Ocean Breath. “I’m developing classes for increasing mobility, strength and circulation; more productive days at work; and more restful nights of sleep.”

“The biggest benefit to mindfulness is the cultivation of awareness and attention,” says Chance. Watch for more classes by Chance to help you learn how to repeat desired actions enough until they become automatic.


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