So now what? What’s the new normal?

Wellbeats has released a new whitepaper with current statistics on the factors driving post-Covid corporate wellness.

Key Insights:

“Even before the pandemic, a shift toward remote working started the desire for more flexible wellness options. ‘Normal’ was already changing.”

“As everyone hunkered down last year, there was still a desire to work out and stay in shape. Home fitness is now the default and looks like it’s here to stay.”

“Last year wasn’t just stressful on our waistlines … our emotional well-being may have taken the biggest hit … and companies are broadening fitness benefits to wellness that includes mindfulness and nutrition.”

“As changes in habits evolve, companies are on the hunt for a more inclusive, cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution.”

The Bottom Line:

“Employee health is no longer just about fitness … If your health benefits program is more ‘fitness’ than ‘wellness,’ you might want to think about a change.”

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Based in St. Louis Park, Minn., Wellbeats is the premier on-demand, easy-to-use virtual wellbeing solution that delivers 800+ exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness classes, challenges, and fitness assessments available anytime, anywhere. Wellbeats provides best-in-class content that spans all five generations, from kids programming through active aging for any age and ability, and is accessible through apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Apple TV; any modern Web browser, Chromecast, Airplay, and Roku.

To learn more, visit or check out a sampling of the company’s fitness classes during a Facebook Live session. Follow on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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