Run and Walk with Strides Channel to Reduce Stress

It’s Global Running Day and Wellbeats is excited to spotlight Olympian Carrie Tollefson, the Run Lead and Coach of Wellbeats’ Strides Channel.

Considering that nearly half of Americans say the COVID-19 pandemic harmed their mental health or that adults in this country are eight times more likely to screen positive for serious mental illness*, it’s clear that people need resources to deal with stress.

Wellbeats’ Strides channel is a great resource for stress reduction, and Carrie wants to break two myths, right out of the gate:

  • “People get wrapped up in the hour-long workout. And if they don’t have an hour, then they just don’t do it. To me, that’s a bunch of baloney. If you have 15 to 20 minutes, you can get a lot of work done, and you will feel better.”
  • “Wellbeats Strides channel is not just for runners. All the workouts we do are geared for both running and walking. If you just put on those shoes and go for a walk or run, even for a short time, you’re going to get stronger, you’re going to get more fit. And you will always feel better when it’s done.”

Get moving

The philosophy of the Strides channel is, “We just want to get people moving,” says Carrie. “We have tons of different workouts in the Strides channel – from short sprints, like hill repeats, to intervals, to longer-tempo runs, to recovery runs. The whole time, we’re in your ears (wear your earbuds), there’s music behind it, and it’s super fun!”

The most important factor is consistency. Even for Carrie, as an Olympian and avid runner, “when people go for two to three weeks not doing anything, they are going to see changes in their body and their mentality. For me, if I haven’t run in a few days, my husband will say, ‘Have you run lately?’ (chuckle). He can tell! It’s that blood flow, that circulation, that is so good for us mentally and physically. I just feel more confident and less stressed after a workout.”

That does not mean that you need to work out daily, either. “If I’m consistent getting exercise three or four days a week, then I’m okay with taking a couple of days off,” says Carrie. “I know I’ll get back on it. I am careful not to get so out of shape that it’s hard to catch up. Consistency is my motto.”

See a preview of the Basic Intervals class to get a sense for the Strides channel – and get moving!

After a robust competitive running career capped by representing the United States in the 2004 Olympic Summer Games, Carrie is a businesswoman, wife, and mother of three with an active career as a sports analyst and commentator. In addition to leading our Strides channel, Carrie remains an active voice in the running and walking community through activities such as video shows, podcasts, and hosting a summer distance camp for teens, among many other activities.

*Source: HR Daily Advisor

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