Channel Spotlight: Office Breaks

Fifty quick and effective classes have been refreshed or added to the popular Wellbeats Office Breaks channel – just in time to participate in the “Give Me an Office Break” challenge during Employee Wellbeing Month in June.

The channel features simple movements you can do right at your desk in 8 minutes or less to boost energy, relieve stress, clear your mind, and more. Download the new Office Breaks Channel flyer.

If you’ve done Office Breaks classes before, you’ll want to check back in. “We built a new set in our studio with clean lines and colors,” explains Jeff Kennefick, Wellbeats’ Senior Vice President of Product. “It allows the viewer to focus more on the instructor without distractions in the environment. The new classes also incorporate changes based on user feedback to improve the overall offering.”

“Slouch No More 1” (5 min.) Counteract the effects of sitting by increasing endurance of upper back muscles, and stretching the chest and shoulders.

Short 1-minute classes include “Punch It Out,” “Shake It Out” and “Chest Opener.”

Mid-length classes include “Recharge & Release” (4 min.) and “Crunch For Lunch 1” (5 min.).

For a longer break, you can choose “Wrist Hand Stretch” (6 min.) or “Cube Calisthenics 2” (8 min.).

Wellbeats members: Click here for the Office Breaks Channel

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