The Right Movements – Consistently

How to prevent injury and how to properly train to improve athletic performance are the focuses of two Wellbeats channels spearheaded by Dr. Grant Norland, founder and CEO of Inspired Athletx in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Dr. Norland’s interest in physical therapy and sports performance grew after sustaining injuries in high school and college sports and experiencing surgeries and rehabilitation. “I had some excellent college professors and mentors who inspired me to pursue a career in the field,” he says. He took their advice to heart and put his own spin on the endeavor. “I combined my physical therapy and sports performance backgrounds to develop a unique model for rehabilitating and training athletes.”

Consistency and education are at the core of these new channels. For Injury Prevention, “We took some of the most common chronic issues we see in our facility and built programs around those issues to address the most common causes.” And for Athletic Performance, “We lay the foundation for muscle strength and development, and brain/muscle communication to improve speed, agility and explosiveness.” Both channels feature progressive activities that are easy to follow with guided instruction.

Athletic Performance Channel

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or just looking to regain your athletic edge, these new sports performance classes simulate the advanced training of pro sports. Two Top End Speed classes lay the foundation for muscle strength and development, and brain/muscle communication. Two Acceleration classes help you improve acceleration and explosiveness to build reactive strength. And three Plyometrics classes employ quick, powerful movements in which distinct phases of movement occur rapidly.

Injury Prevention Channel

In addition to being a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Norland is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. “We’ve had a lot of requests for prehabilitation (to prevent injury) and daily mobility classes that focus on specific body parts that are prone to injury,” explains Wellbeats Fitness Director Mark Kingsriter. The channel features circuit-style classes to strengthen the muscles in frequent pain-point areas: Low Back, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, and Neck.

Start by doing the basics well

Using both channels together can help you develop healthy daily habits and work toward better sports performance. Start by incorporating injury prevention classes into your daily routine, and then build toward the athletic performance classes. “So often, muscle and joint pain and injury develop slowly over time due to poor postures, movement patterns or bad habits,” explains Dr. Norland. “If people can do some basic things on a consistent basis, many issues can be addressed before they become a noticeable problem. Consistency and doing the basics right is really the key for most people.”

What can Wellbeats members look forward to from Dr. Norland?

“We’re looking to continue developing more progressions and more population-specific content, such as at-work break routines for people with desk jobs.”

Whatever stage you are in your wellness journey, adopt the mindset of a champion with Dr. Norland’s favorite motto:

Love the process. Do the work. Never quit.

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