Take Wellbeats Outside

Walking, running, sports-readiness and meditation are all great outdoor classes you can do with Wellbeats this summer. And if you don’t have WiFi access, no problem! Just download the class before you head out.


These workouts are geared for running or walking. The goal is to get moving. Options include short sprints, hill repeats, intervals, longer-tempo runs and recovery runs. Put in your earbuds, listen to the music, and follow along.

Guided Cardio

In this channel, our instructors will coach you through calorie-burning intervals while you perform your favorite cardio workout such as running, biking, rowing, or even stair climbing.

Athletic Performance

For the aspiring athlete or those looking to regain that competitive edge, these classes will help you improve speed, agility, and explosiveness.


Find a quiet spot in nature for some guided meditation. Relax, breathe, and reduce stress.

Download Classes Before You Go

Cellphone reception and your cellphone’s plan limits can vary, so take a few moments to download the class to your mobile device so you can play it uninterrupted wherever you are.

On your smartphone:

  • Find a class
  • Select “Download”
  • When ready to play, select menu (hamburger icon in the upper left corner) and select Downloads

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