Take Wellbeats Classes Together

Research shows that the healthy actions of others rub off on us* and participants gravitate towards the exercise behaviors of those around them**.

You can take advantage of these benefits by inviting one or more coworkers to join you in a Wellbeats class!

Step 1: Select a Wellbeats exercise, nutrition, or mindfulness class
Step 2: Select “Create Event”

Step 3: Select a date and time

Step 4: Enter a coworker’s name and select “Search”

Step 5: When the coworker’s name is located, select “Invite” then “Done”
Step 6: Repeat the process to invite others
Step 7: You may also “View My Schedule” to invite others, cancel the class, or add to your calendar

Invite others to join you in the Healthy Together challenge

In recognition of Social Wellness Month, you can join the Healthy Together challenge, schedule classes, and invite others to join you. The challenge calendar includes prompts to Invite-A-Friend, take uplifting classes together, and “Give someone a compliment to brighten their day.”

Make it a great month!

*Source: nbcnews.com

**Source: Journal of Social Sciences

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