REV-ing Up For Spring

Spring is around the corner, and cyclists don’t just wait for outdoor riding weather – they train for it! Whether you’re interested in participating in cycling races this spring, or just getting yourself to peak fitness ability – now is the time to start thinking about those sunnier days.

10 Reasons To Start "Pounds Off" This Spring


So you’re thinking about starting a WELLBEATS™ workout plan but need a little extra convincing? Here are TEN REASONS that will inspire you to participate in our 8 Week Pounds Off! weight loss plan and why you should get started right away!


1. Summer is around the corner. With 8 weeks’ worth of results under your belt, you’ll be enjoying the warmer months feeling and looking your best.

Why Stomp?


When step classes were first introduced in the late 80s, the original concept was all about bodyweight training – not just dancing around the step, but lifting your body up off the ground to get a stronger lower body and a great cardio workout. In the past 25 years, the step has been used for many purposes – from dance classes to strength training and more.

In our Stomp channel, we go back to the roots of step, (without the leotards) using the platform and risers as they were originally intended for vertical movement, with a variety of fun choreography.

Virtual Solutions, Real Results

At 21 years old, Josh Wright’s eyes scanned over the two small words that stood between him and his dream of going skydiving: Weight Limit. The words were daggers. At 335 pounds, Josh stood 85 pounds over the legal limit, and a seemingly impossible distance from a meaningful personal goal. It was over the next two years that Josh’s unique weight loss story led him through ups and downs, and ultimately a long-term solution.

Fit Tests: Bench-marking, Measuring, and Improving


For many people, the words “Fit Test” bring back dreaded childhood memories from gym class of toe-touches and ab crunches that were scored relative to their peers. It can bring with it notions of comparison or judgement and for these reasons many shy away from quantitative assessments. While there are plenty of antiquated methods, the concept of benchmarking and measuring physical fitness and growth is still tremendously important for individuals looking to get results.


What are WELLBEATS Fit Tests?



If you fall into the camp of those resolving to lose weight or simply increase your fitness in 2016, WELLBEATS’ Kinetics channel may be the best weapon you have in your tool belt. These high intensity classes offer a powerful combination of cardio intervals, bodyweight conditioning and resistance training to not only burn mega calories during class, but generate a "metabolic impact" on your resting metabolic rate, giving you the coveted “after-burn” to keep burning calories hours or days after class.

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