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Corporate Client Implementation Resources

Wellbeats Results

Corporate Launch Checklist

Download the Wellbeats Corp Launch Checklist for a full overview of action items to complete pre-launch. This includes:

  • Reviewing and creating your eligibility file
  • Completing your whitelisting
  • Reviewing your Welcome Email launch document
Wellbeats Corporate Streaming Implementation

Welcome Email Campaign

Download the Welcome Email Launch campaign document which includes a summary of the 6 emails that can be sent to your population. This campaign includes their login credentials, instructions on how to access Wellbeats, and additional information. Also includes a fillable form to authorize the Wellbeats welcome email campaign to send and options to customize the campaign.

Eligibility File Specifications & Template

Download the Wellbeats Specifications Document and Template to learn what is required for your eligibility file including editable fields, data layout, and transmission/delivery.


Download the Whitelisting document for a list of recommended IP addresses to whitelist and instructions to ensure communications are sent successfully through your network’s server.

Wellbeats Corporate Streaming Implementation

Prelaunch Marketing Materials

Promote your new Wellbeats health benefit, or simply remind your employees how and where to access Wellbeats. This toolkit includes:

  • Customizable Wellbeats Welcome flyer and poster
  • Instructions on how to customize (including adding your logo and login information)
Wellbeats Corporate Streaming Implementation

Client Resources

Looking for more marketing resources and tools to promote Wellbeats? The NEW Corporate Streaming Client Resources page includes:

  • Email templates
  • Flyers & brochures
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Video samples
  • and so much more!

Member Resources

Interested in sharing resources with your employees? Check out the Member Resources page to help your employees navigate Wellbeats, including:

  • How-to streaming guides
  • Video tutorials
  • FAQs