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Administrator Toolkit

Are you in charge of health and wellbeing benefits or administering Wellbeats at your company? Download this toolkit to help you manage Wellbeats, including:

  • Wellbeats Reporting Guide: overview and sample of reporting data to track engagement
  • Wellbeats Champion Guide: 10 best practices for engaging your employees with Wellbeats* (*Coming Soon)
  • Wellbeats Safelisting Guide: best practices and tips for successful email delivery

Incentive Program Toolkit

If you have or are considering incentives or rewards to help promote participation in your Wellbeats offering, this toolkit can help you create a formal incentive program. This includes:

  • Incentive program design best practices
  • Reward and incentive ideas (premium and budget-friendly)
  • Templates and flyers to promote your customized incentive program
  • How-to guides to help your employees track their Wellbeats activity

Welcome to Wellbeats Toolkit

Have you recently hired new employees? To help introduce Wellbeats as an available health benefit, this toolkit includes editable materials with information about Wellbeats and how to log in. This toolkit includes:

  • Editable flyer (8.5X11) and poster (11X17)
  • Instructions on how to brand and customize materials

Challenges Toolkit

Are you interested in implementing a challenge at your company? Challenges can be a great way to foster community and employee morale, while keeping your employees engaged and active.

This toolkit includes:

  • Wellbeats Challenge Catalog for a list of available Wellbeats-sponsored challenges
  • How-to guides for enrolling in challenges + creating a company-sponsored challenge
  • Customizable templates and flyers
  • Prize ideas and tips for promoting a challenge

Re-Welcome Campaign

Looking to re-introduce Wellbeats to your employees? The Wellbeats Re-Welcome Campaign is an automatic email campaign sent directly to your employees with information about Wellbeats and how to log in.

This toolkit includes:

  • Wellbeats Re-Welcome Campaign Overview: email template samples + best practices
  • Wellbeats Re-Welcome Email Form: to customize and co-brand email templates

Interested in implementing the Wellbeats Re-Welcome Campaign at your company? Please contact the Client Services Team at to get started.

Open Enrollment and Benefits Toolkit

Are you approaching open enrollment season? Now is an optimal time to remind your employees of their on-demand fitness and wellbeing benefit.

This toolkit includes:

  • Welcome to Wellbeats Flyer
  • Wellbeats Presentation Sample Slides
  • Wellbeats Channel & Challenge Catalog
  • Wellbeats Streaming Guide

Virtual Group Fitness Toolkit

Promote the NEW Wellbeats social community features on Wellbeats! This includes how to schedule a class and invite others. These features can help your employees create a day-to-day regular routine to prioritize health and wellbeing + connect with others in the comfort and safety of their own home.

This toolkit includes:

  • How-to guides for scheduling classes and inviting others
  • FAQs
  • Flyer
  • Email Template Sample
  • Intranet Posting Sample
  • and more!

Marketing Kits

Looking for a fun and easy way to promote Wellbeats each month? Wellbeats Marketing Kits are themed toolkits filled with educational resources to share with your employees. Themes include Stress Less (tips for reducing stress and anxiety), Back to the Basics (promoting beginner-friendly options to get started), Nutrition 101 (best practices for healthy eating), Wellbeing at Work (increasing productivity, energy, and focus at work), and Healthy Together (family-friendly workouts and team challenges).

Each marketing kit includes:

  • Flyer
  • Poster
  • Email Template Sample
  • Wellbeats Challenge
  • Digital Display
  • Intranet Posting Sample
  • Social Media Graphic
  • and more!

To download the Wellbeats Marketing Kit Calendar 2022, click here.

How-To Guides

Looking for step-by-step guides to share with your employees? This toolkit includes training documents to help educate your employees of their Wellbeats benefit. This includes:

  • How to stream Wellbeats on your personal devices
  • How to set up your Wellbeats account for the first time
  • How to enroll in a Wellbeats challenge
  • How to reset your Wellbeats password
  • How to download a Wellbeats video on your personal device

New Wellbeats Content

Discover what’s new on Wellbeats! This toolkit includes the latest Class Alert Flyers with a summary of recently-added classes.

Intranet Posting Examples

Do you communicate your company benefits through an intranet, or other internal benefits or wellness platform? This can be a quick way to post announcements and reminders of your Wellbeats benefit.

This toolkit includes:

  • Intranet image headers
  • Intranet copy samples

Email Template Samples

Sending direct emails can be one of the easiest and most efficient ways to communicate your health and wellbeing offerings to your employees. To quickly spread the word, this toolkit includes email templates and visuals you can copy/paste into your Outlook email to broadcast out to your employees.

This toolkit includes:

  • Email image banners
  • Email copy samples

NEW Flyers

Flyers (8.5X11) can be a fun way to visually spread the word about Wellbeats. This toolkit includes an extensive selection of flyers to share with your employees, whether electronically as an email attachment or for print in high-traffic areas at your company (such as meeting rooms, cafeteria, elevators, staircases, bathrooms, at the front desk, etc.)

Posters & Postcard Inserts

Need a visual to hang in your conference room or cafeteria? This toolkit includes posters (11X17) to display in high-traffic areas around your site, plus postcard inserts to handout or have available at the front desk.

PowerPoint Sample Slides

Are you planning to present Wellbeats at your next company meeting or event? Download this toolkit for branded slides that display all the details of their health and wellbeing benefit, including available content and features and how to log in.

Digital Displays

Do you have several TV monitors or computers on display at your location? Showcase a rotating slide of Wellbeats-branded visuals to promote your health and wellbeing benefit. This toolkit includes a variety of Wellbeats-branded digital display slides (1920px X 1080px).


Logo Files and Branding Guidelines

Do you create your own marketing materials in-house? Download this toolkit for logo files and our Wellbeats brand guidelines to ensure recognition and consistency of the Wellbeats brand.

Wellbeats Logo

SMS Text Samples

Do you communicate with your employees through SMS text? Send direct alerts to your employee’s devices to remind them of their Wellbeats benefit. This toolkit includes SMS text samples to help you broadcast your message.


Wellbeats Overview Video

What is a Wellbeats in 60 seconds? This video includes an overview of what types of classes and features are available on Wellbeats to help inspire your employees to get started. Download this video to play at your next all-company meeting or presentation.


Wellbeats Class Sample Video

This “Rise and Shine Energizing Yoga Flow + Healthy Breakfast Ideas” video class sample is great to include in your open enrollment and benefits training, webinars, and/or live events. Your employees can learn more about Wellbeats while enjoying a 10-minute energizing yoga routine + healthy, easy breakfast ideas to fuel their day.

To request the full MP4 video file, please contact

Survey Sample Questions

What motivates your employees to take control of their health? Surveys can be an eye-opening way to enhance your benefits communications. Learn how to speak to your employees about their Wellbeats benefit with these sample survey questions.

Social Media Graphics

Does your company actively use social media to connect with your employees? Grab attention with these Wellbeats-branded posts to publish on Facebook or Instagram.



How can I access Wellbeats? Where can I find my login information? To help you avoid answering the same question over and over, download this FAQs document to post on your intranet site or other internal communications platform.


Client Success Webinars

Admin Video Tutorials

Member Video Tutorials

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