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Getting Started

How do I register for Wellbeats?

If an organization you’re affiliated with is offering Wellbeats as a service, your account will automatically be created for you. Your username is your e-mail address. Once your account has been created, Wellbeats will send you an e-mail with a temporary password that you can use when you log in to the app.

How do I login to play classes on my mobile device or computer?

Mobile app

Download the Wellbeats app to your smart phone or tablet. Once installed, open the app and login using the email address your organization provided Wellbeats for you and the temporary password that was emailed to you directly from Wellbeats. Then, reset your password.


Visit www.wellbeats.com/login and click the 2.0 Touchscreen or Web app button.

Fitness Content and Subscription Questions

When scheduling, why am I sometimes limited to only certain classes?

If you have a class scheduled to automatically start in the near future, your system may only allow you to search for, play or schedule classes that you would have enough time to complete in that window of time.

How do I cancel a scheduled class?

For our 1.0 software (utilized on floor standing and large mounted kiosks) you can cancel the class within the Wellbeats 1.0 management portal at least 1 hour in advance of the start time. You can also cancel the class at the kiosk utilizing your Coordinator Login credentials.

For our 2.0 software (utilized on the flat panel touchscreens) you can cancel the class within the Wellbeats portal at least 15 minutes in advance of the start time. You can also cancel the class at the touchscreen after the class begins by hitting the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner.

How do I know when to expect new classes?

We typically send out an email communication to clients with class release details and preview videos a few weeks prior each content release.

How do I receive new content?

As long as your system is connected to the internet, you will receive automatic updates throughout the year. There is nothing you need to do on your end. Each of our content subscriptions offers a different collection of channels, workout plans, and fit tests. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the content in your package to ensure you have the right variety of classes to serve your audience.

Scheduled classes are not showing up on my system's schedule. Why not?

An active internet connection is required for the scheduling feature to work. Ensure that your Wellbeats system is connected to the internet, and if you are still having issues, contact Wellbeats Technical Support at support@wellbeats.com or 855-520-7500.

Is there a limit to the number of classes I can participate in per month?

No, you can take as many classes as you want per month.

Why are some of the app elements like images, videos, and texts not loading on my device?

Ensure your device is connected to the internet and that the signal strength is strong.

How do I change my content subscription?

Contact a Client Service team member for more information about changing your content subscription.

clientservices@wellbeats.com | 855-520-7500

Maintenance and Repair

I need to order a new lamp for my projection system. Who should I contact?

If you have a projection system, we highly recommend always having a spare lamp on site as they are not typically a product you can buy in a store. You can purchase spare lamps directly from Wellbeats.


What fitness equipment is needed for Wellbeats classes?

Click here for the recommended fitness equipment list.

What is the product warranty?

Click here to download the Wellbeats warranty guide.

Our touchscreen or kiosk is not working properly. What do I do?

If your touchscreen or kiosk system is not working properly, you can try rebooting it to see if that resolves your issue. Depending on the model of your system, rebooting your system is done differently. Contact technical support at support@wellbeats.com or 855-520-7500 for assistance. Do NOT unplug your system.

Account and Billing

I'm selling my business, what do I need to do to transfer the subscription to the new owner?

If your business is being sold or under new ownership, you will need to transfer the license and subscription to a new owner. Both parties will need to fill out respective forms to transfer ownership (see links below). Please contact Wellbeats Client Services at clientservices@wellbeats.com or 855-520-7500 if you have any questions.

Change of Ownership Form – Previous Owner

Change of Ownership Form – New Owner

Who do I contact if I have questions on my Wellbeats invoice?

Please contact our billing department at billing@wellbeats.com or 855-520-7500 for assistance.


I have trouble streaming video from my computer, what steps can I take to troubleshoot?

1. Check your wireless connection to ensure you have strong signal strength.  Disconnect and reconnect to your network.

2. Close all applications and re-boot your computer.  Reconnect to your network.

3. Check your web browser to ensure it is a supported version.  If you have another browser try playing the video from that browser.

4. Clear your browser’s cache.  To find out how to do this, search for ‘clear cache’ in your browser’s help menu.  Once the cache has been cleared close and re-open the browser and sign in to portal.wellbeats.com.

My video frequently buffers on my computer. How can I fix?

Wellbeats requires a solid Internet connection in order to stream video. If video frequently buffers when playing videos at portal.wellbeats.com, try these steps:

Step 1: Check your wireless signal strength

If you’re using a wireless network, check the wireless signal strength on your computer. If you have a weak wireless signal (one or two signal bars), look online for ways to strengthen the wireless signal (i.e., moving your computer closer to your wireless router).

Step 2: Check the speed of your Internet connection

Check the speed of your Internet connection by using an online site such as speakeasy.net/speedtest. A high-speed connection with a minimum download speed of 3 Mbps is needed to stream videos. If you find that your download speed is less than 3 Mbps, contact your Internet provider for help.

Step 3: Power cycle your computer and network devices

Try power cycling your computer and network devices:

1. Close all apps and then turn off your computer.

2. Unplug the power cord from your network devices (i.e., modem and router).

3. Plug in your network devices one at a time, letting each device power up before connecting the next (start with the modem first).

4. Turn on your computer and go to portal.wellbeats.com.

5. Try playing a class.

Step 4: Try a wired connection

Try connecting your connected TV device, game console, or computer to your home network using an Ethernet cable.

The steps above typically resolve issues with your Internet connection. However, if you continually experience frequent buffering when streaming video, you might want to investigate further by monitoring fluctuations in your connection speed over time and working with your broadband provider to troubleshoot any issues.

The video is blurry, pixelated, or poor quality on my mobile device or computer. How can I fix?

Wellbeats streams video at the highest quality possible. Internet connection speed or network bandwidth can impact the quality of video playback. A high-speed connection with a minimum download speed of 3 Mbps is required.

When streaming video, Wellbeats adjusts the video quality based on the strength of your network bandwidth and connection speed. If the network bandwidth is too low or the connection speed commonly falls below 3 Mbps, you might get a lower resolution video or only audio playing. If the Internet connection drops altogether, the video will stop playing and you’ll be prompted to reconnect.