Create a New Happy and Healthy Campus
Create a New Happy and Healthy Campus

Empower your students and faculty with fitness that (safely) fits their new normal college experience.  

As the unpredictable times continue, it’s more important than ever to provide your campus community the tools to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Fitness is foundational.

Exercise benefits the mind as much as the body. Nutrition fuels both. Wellbeats is an equitable, affordable, and easy-to-use on-demand fitness solution that empowers habit-forming, physical and mental health.

Wellbeats campus-wide fitness and wellbeing solution

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  • Create and track curriculum based programing
  • Deliver a personalized recreation experience anywhere
  • Provide a holistic, safe and engaging wellbeing experience for all


Laptop and Phone with Wellbeats App
A benefit people use and love

Create healthy habits that fit campus life

  • Easy-to-use, implement and navigate video app streaming
  • 600+ exercise, nutrition and mindfulness classes for any age, ability level or interest
  • Customizable, goal-based challenges, fitness programs and assessments
  • Highly certified, relatable, instructors
  • Safe and education based
  • Comprehensive monthly usage reporting available

Wellbeats is dedicated to maintaining regulatory and compliance standards

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