Wellbeats offers 34 channels and hundreds of virtual fitness classes with something for every age, stage and ability. Our user-friendly filters in-app make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. All channels are listed below and each channel has multiple classes so users never get bored with the same class.


Target all the major muscle groups using just a barbell set. Build strength and endurance while also improving balance and stability.


Challenge your entire body using a BOSU® balance trainer to increase core stability, balance, coordination, and overall strength.


Circuit training is a fast-paced workout that encourages you to perform as many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) with minimal rest in between each exercise.


Go behind-the-scenes and replay Wellbeats live workouts and Q&A’s. This channel includes a combination of fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition-based videos.


Build stronger, more defined muscles using primarily dumbbells. Get ready to feel empowered in this channel as you sculpt and tone your entire body.


Do you struggle with eating healthy? Or not sure where to even start? This channel is all about giving you an easy way to learn the basics of healthy nutrition, plus providing simple recipes to make it both fun and enjoyable to eat well.


Need a quick break? This channel features simple movements you can do right at your desk in 8 minutes or less to boost energy, relieve stress, clear your mind, and more.


Staying fit can be tricky when you are pregnant. These classes provide safe, feel-good exercises that will keep you active – even with a baby on board!


These low intensity, restorative classes use various tools to increase your body’s mobility and flexibility, while releasing muscle tension for both improved performance and recovery.


Whether you’re a savvy cyclist or beginner, this channel offers options for every level. Blast calories and improve your performance on rides filled with intervals, sprints, climbs, and more.


Designed for those 65 and up, the Silver & Fit channel will keep you active while also improving balance, agility, coordination, and strength.


Whether you’re an athlete or just getting started, Sports Ready is your go-to channel for sports preparation and performance. Classes will improve muscular strength while reducing the risk of injury during sports-related activity.


Step your way to a healthier body using a step riser platform. Follow along in a series of choreographed steps to elevate your heart rate and burn calories.


It’s never been easier to get your cardio on. Whether you’re an experienced runner, frequent jogger, or simply enjoy walking outside, the Strides channel will feature classes for both treadmill and outdoors.


Kick, punch, and strike your way through a blend of martial arts-inspired kickboxing. Get ready to unleash your inner fighter!


Looking for an efficient workout in 15 minutes or less? This channel is perfect for you! From yoga to kickboxing to circuits, get your workout done in no time.

Injury Prevention

Prevent injury by strengthening your muscles and joints in frequent pain-point areas: Low Back, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle and Neck. Learn proper form in these circuit-style classes that will get your body moving and ready for your everyday.

Mental Health

Healbright offers hundreds of videos led by mental health professionals on a variety of wellness topics. The self-paced courses make mental wellness accessible, engaging, and confidential. This channel includes a sampling of what is available via Healbright.

Guided Cardio

Blast through your next sweat session with Wellbeats Guided Cardio! In this channel, our instructors will coach you through calorie-burning intervals while you perform your favorite cardio workout such as running, biking, rowing, or even stair climbing!

Mind Body Renew

Your mind and body are powerful allies. Classes in this channel will promote the mind-body connection, helping you to calm the mind, bring awareness to the present moment and build resilience into your every day through meditation, breath and movement.


Maintain your strength and mobility throughout any life transition using these anti-aging exercises. These classes focus on keeping both your body and mind strong and healthy.


Get ready to shake it! These fun, cardio-focused workouts feature a variety of dance styles including Latin, urban, hip-hop, and more.


In these introductory Latin-inspired dance classes, learn the basic steps of Zumba featuring elements of salsa, samba, merengue, and more.

Children's Programing


Mix fun and fitness for kids, using the BOSU® sport, to develop balance, core strength, coordination & sensory abilities.


Each age grouping includes basic movement patterns and locomotor skills, setting kids up for quality of functional motion.


MOVE ME!™ is fitness in disguise. Jen brings her infectious personality to empower kids in a truly unique and FUN way!


Basic movement patterns and locomotor skills to set children up for quality of functional motion through story telling.

Sports Ready Kids

An overriding method of ‘prehab’, a preventative and skill enhancement program for any child currently engaged in or wants to play sports.