This energetic instructor will give 100% and ask you to do the same! Caesar has been instructing for over 12 years in a wide variety of unique fitness formats from inline skating to equestrianism! In his Elements classes we can guarantee you’ll have fun, learn a lot and be challenged!


Darcy’s down-to-earth and encouraging leadership is both inviting and motivating. She’s been instructing since 2001 in a wide variety of genres and loves the ability she has to be a catalyst for healthy changes. She helps make fitness accessible to everyone and has the inexplicable ability to make workouts more enjoyable!


Erin’s warm personality and soothing tones make following her direction easy and enjoyable. Erin has over twenty years of experience as a fitness professional (and almost as many years as a professional actress!) With fluid movement and special attention to breath, form, and flow – she’ll help you perfect the skills you came to improve!


This fun-loving, down to earth instructor brings his relational coaching style that will make you feel 100% supported in each class. He’s very aware of the different fitness levels among participants and makes it a point to coach though various options so that everyone can feel empowered and successful.

Dawn S

Dawn has over 12 years of experience teaching a variety of group fitness classes, with a special passion for Yoga. She brings her positivity and warmth to each WELLBEATS class. When she’s not teaching classes, Dawn stays busy with her husband, three kids and beloved dog.


This musician gone fitness professional brings his rhythm to the dance floor and turns up the heat in the boxing ring! Kirk has traveled the world with a variety of musical artists and has spent the last 15 years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. His ability to make fitness both challenging and fun is what will keep you coming back for more!


This elite level athlete brings her discipline and passion for racing and achievement to each REV class. Gea believes in the power of teamwork, and understands the contributing power that attitude, responsiveness and confidence have in developing performance. Gea is grateful for how fitness has improved her own life and loves sharing that with athletes of all abilities. Discover your potential with Gea!


This energetic dancer will get you moving and LOVING it! Dance plays a big role in Ilyse’s life both personally and professionally. She uses it to train individuals, groups, and choreographs for a variety of projects in TV and entertainment including Weight Watcher’s “Ultimate Dance Party”. Her training tip? “Working out is about progress, NOT perfection!” In her classes, you’ll have a lot of fun and feel the support of Ilyse as your biggest fan.”


Leah is a powerhouse instructor known for strength and speed. Training personally in triathlons and bike races, she has experience both on the road and in the gym. She’s been instructing and leading group rides for over 7 years, teaching cyclists and helping people overcome their obstacles! Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced rider – you’re in for a great workout!


Suan’s teaching philosophy centers on cultivating “mental grit.” Often, she’ll ask you to repeat the self-affirming phrase, “Yes, I can!” Suan has been teaching group fitness classes for over 15 but found her true passion when she started practicing yoga. She loves teaching people how to become their best selves on and off the mat.


Sean has nearly 20 years of experience as an awarded instructor, fitness program manager, and motivational speaker. His positive attitude and true belief in his trainees makes his classes inspiring and energizing. This fun-loving coach knows how to bring challenges to help you stretch your capabilities and get the most out of each class!


A professionally trained dancer and choreographer, Heather knows form and function. She has expertise in a number of formats that include kickboxing, core conditioning, barre, athletic yoga & strength conditioning, teaching in health clubs and filming at-home DVD programs.


Ryan’s a motivator. With extensive experience in strength and conditioning he’s an instructor that will push you to perform. He loves teaching classes to help people increase their inner strength, confidence, and physical stamina, by helping them conquer what is thought to be impossible.


Sara’s high energy and extreme training style will help bring you to a new level of fitness. She’s spent the last 15 years making her mark in the fitness industry as a business owner, writer, nutritionalist, instructor, and personal trainer. Her passion to help others see healthy results is evident in each of her classes!


This L.A. instructor has a long career of fitness experience teaching nearly everything under the sun including kickboxing, cycling, dance, interval circuits, resistance training and more. She brings a ton of spunk and contagious energy to life as well as each WELLBEATS class she teaches. Whether you’re grooving with her in Vibe, or sweating it out in an interval workout – you’ll feel the heat!

Jodi S

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, Jodi is a top notch coach and motivator. Her WELLBEATS classes are fun, effective, and accessible to participants of all ages and abilities. She is an avid triathlete, mom of 2 boys and owns a Performance Coaching Business with her husband.


Tricia’s warm, upbeat personality will encourage you to work out and have fun doing it. You may even catch her singing along to the music from time to time! With years of experience creating choreography with a specialty in cardio kickboxing, strength training, and step, her diverse fitness expertise will educate and motivate you to do your best.


Libby is a constant learner who loves to move! She enjoys researching the latest discoveries in the fitness industry and is a former professional ballroom dancer. Her goal is to correct negative side effects in our bodies from too much sitting – and to cultivate joy and sustainable well-being​ in all her classes.


A former athlete with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, Christy brings both talent and an inspiring “no excuses!” attitude to her training. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion will push you to new heights.

Daniel Green

Daniel Green is an Internationally known Chef, Host, Television Personality and Award Winning Author. He is also a healthy eating expert and has a passion for flavor and weight loss results. Losing 65lbs himself years ago and keeping it off, he has transformed his life and thousands of others.