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Challenges Toolkit

Are you interested in implementing a challenge at your company? Challenges can be a great way to foster community and employee morale, while keeping your employees engaged and active.

This toolkit includes:

  • Wellbeats Challenge Catalog for a list of available Wellbeats-sponsored challenges
  • How-to guides for enrolling in challenges + creating a company-sponsored challenge
  • Customizable templates and flyers
  • Prize ideas and tips for promoting a challenge

Virtual Group Fitness Toolkit

Promote the NEW Wellbeats social community features on Wellbeats! This includes how to schedule a class and invite others. These features can help your employees create a day-to-day regular routine to prioritize health and wellbeing + connect with others in the comfort and safety of their own home.

This toolkit includes:

  • How-to guides for scheduling classes and inviting others
  • FAQs
  • Flyer
  • Email Template Sample
  • Intranet Posting Sample
  • and more!

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