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Incentive Program Toolkit

If you have or are considering incentives or rewards to help promote participation in your Wellbeats offering, this toolkit can help you create a formal incentive program. This includes:

  • Incentive program design best practices
  • Reward and incentive ideas (premium and budget-friendly)
  • Templates and flyers to promote your customized incentive program
  • How-to guides to help your employees track their Wellbeats activity

Welcome to Wellbeats Toolkit

Have you recently hired new employees? To help introduce Wellbeats as an available health benefit, this toolkit includes editable materials with information about Wellbeats and how to log in. This toolkit includes:

  • Editable flyer (8.5X11) and poster (11X17)
  • Instructions on how to brand and customize materials

Administrator Toolkit

Are you in charge of health and wellbeing benefits or administering Wellbeats at your company? Download this toolkit to help you manage Wellbeats, including:

  • Wellbeats Reporting Guide: overview and sample of reporting data to track engagement
  • Wellbeats Champion Guide: 10 best practices for engaging your employees with Wellbeats
  • Wellbeats Whitelisting Guide: best practices and tips for successful email delivery

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