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Celebrate Black History Month with Us

All February long, we will be lifting up the voices of our amazing Black instructors in celebration of Black History Month, and we invite you to join us!

Check back all month long as three of our instructors, Chance, Jane, and Nate, share their personal stories in the upcoming My Black History Life video series. Try a new class from our collection of classes taught by our talented Black instructors now!

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Wellbeats instructor Nate Middleton shares his story.

“Wellbeats gave me the opportunity to grow into another aspect. Next thing I know, I’ve got friends from Georgia—Atlanta—people I barely even know, and they’re like, ‘Nate, I worked out with you this morning. Thank you.’”


Wellbeats instructor Jan Johnson shares her story.

“A lot of people go to yoga for the physical part of it, but for me it was more of a spiritual connection. I just felt my heart found what I had been praying for or looking for. Something was missing in my life—and that was it.”


Wellbeats instructor Chance York shares his story.

“If I have one person think a little bit differently about the world that’s come from them, about where they’re paying their attention, about the power that they can unlock, that’s like magic to me.”

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At Wellbeats, diversity, equity, and inclusion are core components of our mission. It’s not just a month of the year; it’s a lifestyle. And this includes creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive wellness experience and space for all. 

“What I love about what we’re doing at Wellbeats is the approach we’re taking to align our day-to-day work with our overall mission to provide all people the opportunity to live a healthier life,” Jason Von Bank, Wellbeats president and CEO, said. “We’re committed to approaching our workplace with professionalism and respect for each other’s unique and diverse perspectives, backgrounds, characteristics, skills, and life experiences.”

Ours is a global community, and we want to reflect that in all we do. Different ideas, cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative environment that delivers better results. Check back all month long as our Black History Month celebration continues.


We believe fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness are for everyone.


We see you. Your presence and your story matter.


We strive to meet you wherever you are, creating a welcoming space where everyone is included, seen, and heard.


We are committed to continued growth through education, self-reflection, and change.

Who you are is who we are

Representation is the first step—not the end goal. Our goal is to engage all communities, starting with world class instructors from all backgrounds. When we hire our instructors, we are always actively pursuing diversity, talent, and passion.

Already a Wellbeats member? Check out our Black History Month collection here 

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