Wellbeats Virtual Fitness is the premier on-demand fitness provider that delivers fitness classes, challenges, and fitness assessments to employees anytime, anywhere. Wellbeats proprietary content and technology enable individuals and families to take control of their health with fitness solutions that fit their lives.

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Who We Serve

Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, major health club chains, residential housing, hospitality, education and the military. Learn more on The Who We Serve page.

Fitness Programming


We offer a wide range of classes, challenges, and fitness assessments everyone can enjoy anywhere anytime, whether they’re at your on-site gym, working remotely, at home or on the go.

Virtual Fitness Classes and Channels

Classes & Channels

With over 700 virtual fitness classes in 31 channels, there’s something for every age, interest and fitness level. From cycling, to yoga, to quick office breaks, there is a class for anyone.

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We started the streaming group fitness space. If you have a question, we’ve answered it before. Contact us to learn more.