About Wellbeats

We believe that wellbeing isn’t just for some. It’s for all. 

Wellbeats pioneered virtual group fitness in 2008 and evolved into an app-based experience built for business to help members of any age, gender, interest, or ability level stay active, eat healthier, reduce stress, and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing – anytime and anywhere. 

Wellbeats features:

  • 1,200+ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes 
  • Reliable, easy-to-use, high-quality video streaming 
  • Diverse team of 60+ authentic, approachable, and credentialed instructors 
  • High-quality production with safe, consistent, and family-friendly content 
  • 60+ programs to help members stay on track and meet their goals 


Thousands of businesses and more than 2.5 million members stream Wellbeats on their smartphones, digital devices, and TVs. We serve large employers, health plans, wellness providers and platforms, residential housing, U.S. military bases and more. 

What sets Wellbeats apart:

A superior member experience that suits any age, gender, interest, or ability level. With optimized navigation, personalization, features, and content that resonate with all users, we ignite and unite wellness-minded individuals. We are proud to deliver a virtual wellness solution that is approachable, accessible, and affordable – to live your healthiest life! 


Jason Von Bank

President & CEO

We help people live their healthiest lives with authentic, approachable, and accessible fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes. After pioneering virtual group fitness for clubs and gyms, today our app-based solution meets people where and when they need it the most. We’re a companion along your health journey as we continue expanding to whole-person wellbeing.