4 Things to Bring with You for Your First Indoor Ride

National Bike Month is here! Sponsored by the League of American Cyclists, National Bike Month is the perfect way to celebrate spring. If you’re a beginner, make sure to bring these 4 things with you for your first indoor ride:

 1. Water Bottle

Seriously, you don’t want to forget this one. 20-minute cycling sessions can burn anywhere from 90-300 calories*, and you will definitely need to rehydrate with some good, ol’ H2O!

2. Cooling Towel

If your gym provides one, great! If not or if you’re cycling at home, make sure to have a cooling towel nearby. You blast plenty of calories during a Wellbeats workout, so it helps to wipe off that hard-earned sweat every now and then.

3. Proper Attire

Try to avoid loose garments. Your cycling gear moves with you while you ride, and nothing’s fun about clothes getting caught in the pedal. Also be sure to wear properly-fitted shoes. This includes a pair that are snug in the heel and hold your forefoot stable without any pinching or restricting.

4. Positive Attitude

This might seem obvious, but it can really make or break your workout. At Wellbeats, we are all about the power of positive energy. Try to smile the next time things get challenging. Our team of instructors is here to encourage and support you during every class. You got this, champ.

So now that you know 4 things to bring with you for your first indoor ride, let’s give it a shot! Check out our Wellbeats Rev Channel which houses all of our cycling workouts. See you on your next ride!

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*Source: https://www.livestrong.com/article/320784-how-many-calories-are-burned-on-a-20-minute-bike-ride/