October 3, 2019

5 Days to Avoid Injury Challenge

Prepping for a big game? Trying a new activity? Then join us for the 5 Days to Avoid Injury challenge! In just 5 days, you will be given 5 different ways to help you avoid injury, so you can still “gain” without feeling real physical “pain”.

Download the 5 Days to Avoid Injury Challenge

Print off the challenge, check it off as you go, and don’t forget to share with us on Facebook or Instagram once complete using #Wellbeats. Better yet, grab a friend and do it together. Let’s go!

Day 1: Write out your next week of workouts. This includes what, when, and how long you will be working out for. This will ensure you don’t overdo it in a particular area, understand what you’ll be doing, and give yourself ample time to rest and recover.

Day 2: Track your water intake. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces. Keep a water bottle wherever you go and sip throughout the day.

Day 3: Make time for a 5-minute warmup pre-workout and 10-minute cooldown post-workout. Warmups and cooldowns can be similar in style: lighter intensity and slower pace, such as a brisk jog or stretching.

Day 4: Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep. Set a timer on your phone for when you need to be in bed by and stick to it. A good night’s rest can help prevent fatigue, poor judgment, and injury.

Day 5:  Do a 30-second body scan prior to a workout. Where are you feeling sore, tense, or discomfort? This will help you avoid pushing yourself too hard and feel any physical pain.

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