October 1, 2019

5 Days to Manage Stress Challenge

Are you overwhelmed at work? Feeling anxious every time you glance at your to-do list? Then join us for the 5 Days to Manage Stress challenge! In just 5 days, you will be given 5 specific ways to reduce stress.

Print off the challenge, check it off as you go, and don’t forget to share with us on Facebook or Instagram once complete using #Wellbeats. Now let’s do this!

Download the 5 Days to Manage Stress Challenge

Day 1

Take the Wellbeats 7-minute “Breathing Meditation” class or take a few minutes to focus entirely on your breath. Close your eyes, and breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.

Day 2

Schedule mini-breaks throughout the day. Aim for getting up and moving every 90 minutes – whether that’s getting water, going for a short walk, or grabbing a snack.

Day 3

Text or phone a friend you haven’t talk to in a while. Reaching out and showing genuine interest is sure to brighten their day, which in turn, will make you feel good.

Day 4

Exercise for at least 20 minutes. Whether it’s going for a walk outdoors, taking a Wellbeats yoga class, or hitting the gym, just 20 minutes can help boost your mood and feel less stressed.

Day 5

Give yourself at least 15 minutes to do a hobby or something that interests you.  Examples include making art, listening to music, gardening, playing with a pet, or reading a book.

Don’t forget to check out the Wellbeats “Managing Anxiety” and “Mindfulness in the Workplace” channels for more ways to calm your mind and reduce stress. Availability may vary according to your content subscription package.