November 21, 2018

5 Steps to Follow Through on Your "Maintain Don't Gain" Workout Plan

Maintain Don’t Gain

…So you made the commitment to partake in the 4-week “Maintain Don’t Gain” workout plan starting Monday, November 26. Congratulations! You are already way ahead of the game and that much closer to reaching your fitness goals (while still fitting into the same jeans pre-holiday season).

Now for the next step: following through.

Of course, this is easier said than done. We know you want to stay committed to your workout plan, but actually following through is a whole different story. The holidays come with a wide variety of obligations, pre-planned activities, and dessert-filled traditions. But rather than saying “no” to your friend’s annual holiday party or declining your mother-in-law’s famous pumpkin pie, you can say yes to it all – while still completing this manageable schedule of workouts to feel even happier, healthier and stronger.

So with that said, let’s roll up the sleeves, put on your best game face and brace yourself for these 5 steps to start AND finish your “Maintain Don’t Gain” workout plan:

Step 1 – Display Your Workout Plan Everywhere

Print out the workout plan and display it anywhere and everywhere. Whether it’s your office cubicle, bathroom mirror, kitchen table, car – place it in frequently-occupied areas to serve as a reminder of what you committed yourself to do.

Each time you complete a day of your workout plan (yes, that includes rest days), be sure to mark it off with a big, mission-accomplished “X”. There is nothing more satisfying than checking off a day and knowing you’re that much closer to the finish line.

Step 2 – Schedule Your Workout Plan on the Calendar

Whether it’s an Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or even a day planner, take 10 minutes to add in your workout plan classes scheduled for the next 30 days. If you look at your calendar and notice there is absolutely no way you can fit in a workout during that day, change it to a different day that works best for you. Even if you miss one day and end up taking two classes the next, as long as it gets done within the 4-week period, that’s all that matters.

Step 3 – Find a Workout Buddy

Whether it’s your spouse, friend or even a coworker, a party of two can make this whole “follow the plan” thing way easier.

Let’s be honest: would you make plans with your best friend and then cancel at the last minute every time? Of course not. Neither should be the case for your workout plan. Find someone to do it with you, and continue to hold each other accountable (and give each other words of encouragement and plenty of high-fives) during the workout. Even if they can’t work out with you, maintain frequent check-ins to ensure no one is falling behind.

Step 4 – Celebrate Small Wins…

Let’s say you’re in Week 2 of your workout plan. That is a major accomplishment! Instead of looking at the big picture, focus on the “small wins”. Each week, give yourself a little reward. Maybe it’s an extra spoonful of your grandma’s famous mashed potatoes (let’s be real – you deserved this), maybe it’s going to the movies with some friends, or maybe even giving yourself a little “go me!” gift.

Whatever it is, keep it small but make it happen. Incentives can work wonders – and help distract us from becoming too overwhelmed in the process.

Speaking of incentives, did we mention we are giving away free Wellbeats swag each week during the “Maintain Don’t Gain” workout plan? Simply post a picture of your workout (encourage your workout buddy to do the same) using #Wellbeats on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to be entered. Swelfies (sweaty selfies) welcome.

Step 5 – …. And the Big Win

Just imagine that last day of your workout plan when you mark one final, gigantic “X”.  That means all 16 classes – 320 minutes worth – of dedication, sweat and (hopefully) no tears are officially complete.

Now it’s time to celebrate! Share a picture of your workout plan (30 X’s and all) on social media using #Wellbeats. Don’t forget to include your #1 tip to staying motivated during the holiday season.

Using these 5 steps, nothing can get in the way of your “Maintain Don’t Gain” workout plan (we’re looking at you, delicious, gourmet pie). Ready? Let’s do this!

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