November 9, 2021

HR Daily Advisor: 5 tips for building culture among a remote workforce

Jason with dumbbell

Wellbeats’ Senior Vice President of Service Delivery, Jason Campana, authored an article published in HR Daily Advisor on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, including 5 tips for building culture.

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Workplace culture has been in flux for more than a year, and clarity might be further off than employers had hoped. A surge in COVID-19 cases caused employers who made the transition to remote work last year delay or reverse plans to return to the office; meanwhile, large numbers of employees have chosen not to return at all.

“Regardless of whether employees work remotely or onsite … wellbeing is a powerful resource for bringing people together,” says Jason.

The article details five tips that can help employers put wellbeing and workplace culture to work to keep current employees engaged and to attract top talent.

The tips include:

  • Consider the whole person
  • Create virtual activities
  • Challenges
  • Connect participation to community service
  • Engage the entire family

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