6 Ways to Practice Exercise Mindfulness

Practicing exercise mindfulness has exploded over the last few years. By definition, mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

This could be anything from mindful eating, mindful meditating… even mindful exercising.

That’s right, it is possible to practice mindfulness while you exercise. This will help you reap the benefits of your workout not just physically, but mentally as well.

In this video, Wellbeats instructor Mark shares 6 ways to practice mindfulness and meditation for your next workout:

Before Your Workout

1. Reflect on your “why”.

Why are you working out today? What is your end goal? Try to be specific. Maybe it’s to relieve stress after a hectic day in the office. Maybe it’s to feel content with your body so you can be the best version of yourself for your kids. Whatever it is, pause and give yourself just a few seconds to self-reflect on why you are choosing to workout today.

2. Get rid of the noise around you.

This could include turning off notifications on your phone, shutting the door, even turning up the music. Do whatever it takes to get you in the zone and focus solely on crushing your workout.

During Your Workout

3. Pay attention to how your body feels.

Maybe it’s feeling specific muscles being worked in each movement. Maybe it’s feeling the sweat forming on your forehead after a few cardio bursts. Just the act of simply being aware of your body can take your workout to a new level.

4. Focus on your breathing.

We can sometimes hold our breath by accident during high-intensity exercises. Use your breath to guide you through those challenging moments during a workout.

5. Be kind to yourself.

Avoid any negative self-talk while you exercise. No picking apart your body or comparing to others. Instead, practice thinking positive affirmations throughout your workout such as “I am stronger than I was yesterday” or “With this workout, I am already a step closer to my goal”.

6. Remember: your body can do more than you think.

Our bodies are made to move. Try not to limit yourself and when you feel like giving, try letting your body take one more rep or stride. Who knows, you may just surprise yourself.

We hope you enjoyed these 6 different ways to practice mindful exercising. Give one (or all of them!) a try and let us know if you notice any difference in your workout.

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