Apartment Owner Avanath Capital Management Gifts 9,000+ Wellbeats Virtual Gym Memberships to its Renters

Avanath Capital Management

Avanath owns ­­­­80 affordable and workforce housing communities throughout the U.S. in 41 different cities.

With many renters struggling due to the current pandemic, apartment owners are thinking outside the box. Avanath Capital Management, a private real estate firm that invests in affordable and workforce housing properties throughout the U.S. on behalf of institutional investors, has announced a special gift: in partnership with Wellbeats, the firm is offering free virtual gym memberships to its 9,000+ renters throughout the U.S.

“This pandemic has certainly altered the way we all live and work. However, the foundational element of our business remains the same: help residents live better lives,” says Daryl Carter, Founder and CEO of Avanath Capital Management. “The April rent initiative alleviated some rental obligations and the launch of this new initiative gives our residents the opportunity to maintain their health and wellness while our on-site fitness amenities remain closed for safety.”

Avanath’s virtual gym membership gifts are aligned with the firm’s over-arching strategy to proactively invest in the health and wellness of its residents.

“As impact investors, we approach each investment holistically, with a focus on delivering the highest quality of life possible,” says Carter. “By integrating on-site wellness programs and community activities at no extra cost to renters, we are able to help residents access the services and amenities they need to live their best life.”

In 2019, Avanath launched Activate, a program that offers on-site health education classes and wellness services to senior housing residents. The firm also offers a wide array of on-site services in its family communities, including after-school programs, financial literacy courses, basketball clubs, and more.

“A focus on wellness is more important now than ever,” says Carter. “As we navigate this public health crisis, we are all reminded that our physical and mental health is a gift that must be nurtured. The Avanath team is proud to have the opportunity to share these virtual memberships with our residents, fostering good health for many years to come.”

Avanath’s 9,000+ free virtual gym memberships will became available to residents on June 1 through Wellbeats virtual fitness.

About Avanath Capital Management

Avanath Capital Management is a privately-held, vertically integrated investment firm managing real estate and real estate-related investments generating risk-adjusted returns through current income and capital appreciation from its investments. The firm is also a Registered Investment Adviser and provides property management services through Avanath Realty, Inc.

Founded by Daryl J. Carter, the Avanath management team averages 25 years of experience and has successfully guided investment funds in defining growth opportunities and delivering past returns that have performed on par with or surpassed returns in comparison to relative benchmark(s). Avanath professionals have real estate operating expertise and long-standing relationships with strong local, regional and national sponsors that can access investment opportunities aligned with Avanath’s initiatives. More information is available at www.avanath.com.

About Wellbeats

Based in St. Louis Park, MN, Wellbeats is a leading provider of on-demand fitness classes for use in workplaces of all sizes, on college or university campuses, multi-family housing, the U.S. military, and fitness and health clubs. Wellbeats makes fitness easy, accessible and affordable for everyone. More than 500 workout, mindfulness and nutrition classes are available via kiosks, the Wellbeats online portal or via Android and iOS apps.