Becky's Tips to Combat Burnout

Wellbeats instructor Becky C

Burnout has taken on increased importance as the stresses of living and working through a global pandemic have pushed many people to and beyond their breaking points. To support you in your wellness journey, Wellbeats instructors are sharing their wellness insight and tips to combat burnout.

Wellbeats instructor Becky C. has been a leader in the fitness industry for over 20 years, and she brings her love, energy, and expertise into every class she coaches. Her passion and expert coaching draw you in to the workout as if you’re right in the same room every time.

Wellbeats instructor Becky C
Wellbeats instructor Becky C.

Becky’s Philosophy on Fitness to Combat Burnout

“If you want to go fast…go alone. If you want to go far…go together.”—African proverb

“Having a support system always helps! Yes, you can do it on your own, but having people in your life to hold you accountable to your goals is helpful,” Becky explained.

“Working out with a buddy, a group of people, or simply one friend who knows how bad you want something can help hold you up when you need it. Then in turn, you can become their support too!”

Connection Between Burnout, Mindfulness, and Fitness

“It’s very easy to become burned out mentally and physically,” Becky said. “We have the desire to push ourselves and then feel guilty for taking a day off. On those days when you wake up and the thought of working out feels like ‘work,’ that’s your body telling you to listen! On those days, try doing more gentle movements, for example, going for a walk outdoors. Getting in touch with nature does a body good. Perhaps take a gentle yoga class or do some stretching even before getting out of bed.”

Becky’s Fitness Tips to Combat Burnout

Try to get all the elements of physical fitness in weekly: cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Stretch before getting out of bed. Wake up your body! Knees to chest, twist a little from side to side. Stretch your shoulders with one arm across at a time. Roll your wrists and ankles. Cross an ankle on the opposite knee, and reach behind your thigh to stretch the glute and hip. This will release your low back.

Begin each day with gratitude! Say three things that you’re grateful for, and it will help set the tone for the day.

Yoga Flow class
Yoga Flow with Becky

More Tips to Combat Burnout

To learn more tips to combat burnout from Wellbeats instructors, read our comprehensive industry report, “Get Personal: An Employer’s Guide to Ending Burnout” now.

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