BenefitsPRO: Use Food as Fuel to Fight Burnout

Wellbeats instructor Kim W.

Wellbeats instructor Kim Waters recently authored an article published in BenefitsPRO. She shares how employers can help their workforce use nutrition as a key tool for reducing stress and easing burnout. Read “Use Food as Fuel to Fight Burnout” now.

Wellbeats instructor Kim W.

Educating employees about the connection between diet and burnout and helping them develop better eating habits may boost mental health, and while that alone may not be enough to eliminate burnout, it can be an important part of a multifaceted approach. Kim’s BenefitsPRO article outlines four ways that employers can help employees eat better and feel better:

  1. Offer instruction.
  2. Equip employees to plan their meals.
  3. Encourage mindful meeting.
  4. Advocate for water breaks.

Good nutrition has a more significant impact on mental health and burnout than most people realize. While good nutrition alone isn’t enough to eliminate burnout, there is ample evidence that healthy eating habits influence our mental and physical health and performance.

By giving employees the information and support to improve their nutrition, employers can support overall corporate performance by reducing burnout and increasing employee satisfaction.

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