December 7, 2021

Broken foot leads to building core strength and balance

When Mary, a Senior Benefits Analyst with UnityPoint Health, broke her foot, she had to take a break from her regular routine of fast-walking and running. “It’s not just good for my health, it’s a big stress reliever for me,” says Mary. “So I realized I had to pivot.” The answer? “Wellbeats.”

Mary searched the Wellbeats app. “Right away I found classes I could do sitting in a chair and developing my core,” she explains. “I knew that developing my core would help with my balance, and I wanted to have an outlet to burn off stress and calories.”

Four core classes

Mary settled in on four classes that are her favorites: Cube Core & More 1, Core by Four, Healthy Back & Core, and Pilates Core. “I love these all because I can quilt them together, playing one after the other for about an hour, or if I have less time I can just do one of the 4-minute classes and come back later and do the others.”

Mary plays these classes “pretty much daily” and also uses a stationary bike and treadmill. During the weekdays she exercises after dinner and on weekends she does Wellbeats classes in the morning.

Companywide challenge introduces her to Wellbeats

Before her accident, Mary first learned about Wellbeats when the program rolled out and her company sponsored a challenge for all employees. “The challenge was to get a certain amount of minutes in the month to acquire a certain number of points. I started checking out all the different options (on Wellbeats), like mindfulness classes, yoga, and stretching. I really liked them.”

“What I really love about Wellbeats is the options,” says Mary. “There are shorter options and longer options and I can do it twice a day at different times. It’s really nice.” Mary also appreciates that each instructor includes modifications. “If you’re new to a class and it’s hard for you, they give you modifications so you can still do the moves.”

Knowledge gained mirrors physical therapy

The classes have also helped educate Mary. “I feel like I’m more cognizant of my core when I’m walking,” she explains. “I’ve learned to keep my hips stable. The classes talk about making sure your hips aren’t moving by keeping your core muscles activated when you’re walking. And I like that everything I’ve learned backs up what my physical therapist has been telling me.”

Mary even used the app in Alaska. “My husband and I went on a fishing trip and the place we stayed warned everyone not to walk outside because of the bears. So I told my husband, you go out and fish off the pier and I’ll stay here and do some Wellbeats exercises on my phone. That was really nice; very convenient.”

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