April 29 is International Dance Day, and you’re encouraged to celebrate with a dance class from Wellbeats!

About International Dance Day

International Dance Day was founded by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1982. The message behind International Dance Day is to celebrate dance; revel in the universality of this art form; cross all political, cultural, and ethnic barriers; and bring people together with a common language—dance.

Benefits of Dance

Dance offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits. An article from Healthline outlined eight benefits of dance. Physical benefits, such as improvements to cardiovascular health, balance, and strength; mental benefits of challenging your brain and boosting cognitive performance; and emotional benefits like inclusivity and mood boosting make dance a versatile, accessible, and expressive form of exercise.

In celebration of International Dance Day, Wellbeats members are encouraged to try one of our Wellbeats dance classes below!

Latin Dance with Lynnea D.

Enjoy this quick, 15-minute, high-energy Latin dance class. Bring the fun and lighten the day with some movement and energy! Wellbeats members, try Latin Dance with Lynnea D. now.

“Loved it. I didn’t have a lot of time to work out today so that is why I chose this one. It’s a really nice workout, and even though it’s a short amount of time, I still felt like I got a decent workout in. Instructor was bubbly and nice. Really enjoyed working out to this.”—Barbra, Wellbeats member

Wellbeats instructor Lynnea teaches Latin Dance
Latin Dance with Lynnea D.

Dance Express with Jeremiah L.

Need a pick-me-up? Jeremiah will guide you through this fun and energizing dance routine to get your body moving while keeping your spirits high! Wellbeats members, try Dance Express with Jeremiah L. now.

“What a great workout for just 10 minutes! My daughters and I loved the moves, the pace, and the music! Thank you!”—Cyd, Wellbeats member

Dance Express with Jeremiah
Dance Express with Jeremiah L.

Bhangra Beat with Scooby R.

This class is pure Bollywood with a cardio style to get your heart pumping and your body moving, using laddered circuits of five stylized, classic Bhangra moves. Wellbeats members, try Bhangra Beat with Scooby R. now.

“Fun class! The exercise was challenging and really gets your heart rate up. Love the instructor’s energy!”— Mikaela, Wellbeats member

Bhangra Beat with Scooby
Bhangra Beat with Scooby R.

To Your Own Beat with Heather C.

Learn this fun, upbeat dance routine while adding in your own extra flare! Whether you’re an experienced dancer or total beginner, this class is for all levels. Wellbeats members, try To Your Own Beat with Heather C. now.

“This exercise was a lot of fun and a great workout to elevate the heart rate. The time went by so quickly. It didn’t seem like the video was about to end.”—Michelle, Wellbeats member

To Your Own Beat with Heather
To Your Own Beat with Heather C.

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