Delaware City Schools Case Study

Delaware City Schools Case Study: Successful Launch Story
About Delaware City Schools

Delaware City Schools is located in Delaware, OH with over 5,700 students in grades prek-12, and 689 employees. The school includes 9 facilities:

  • 5 elementary schools (prek-5)
  • 1 middle school (grades 6-8)
  • 1 high school
  • An administrative office building/education center
  • A district transportation center

Delaware City Schools was searching for an inexpensive option outside of gym reimbursement programs to include in their employee wellness benefits. 12% of its employees signed up for the gym reimbursement benefit. However, only 17% of those who signed up participated in the monthly 8-session minimum.  72% attended 5 or fewer times per month, resulting in only a 1-2% engagement rate overall.

Eileen Rogers-Duffy, RN and Delaware City School nurse, knew her school departments needed a benefit that could be accessed by anyone – whether at school, home, or on-the-go.

“People in the educational department that work offsite are harder to reach,” she explains. “We are looking for an option for when they wanted it… whether by themselves, in a group or even teachers doing it in class.”

She was also looking for an employee wellness offering that could be suited for all body types, regardless of age or activity level.


After a search of potential corporate wellness programs, Delaware City Schools found Wellbeats. The school launched Wellbeats user streaming as a corporate wellness benefit to their staff members in January 2019.

In the first month of launching Wellbeats, 25% of its staff members (172 of 689 employees) logged into Wellbeats at least once. The school generated a total of 700 user logins and 470 class plays* in the first month alone.

Their Wellbeats Welcome email campaign achieved an impressive 70% open rate (3,515 emails opened out of 5,014 sent).

To prepare for the launch, Delaware City Schools followed the Wellbeats implementation plan. This included a pre-launch “sneak peek” email campaign and print outs of a customized “Welcome to Wellbeats” flyer with steps on how to login.

Another key to their successful launch? Wellbeats champions.

We have a designated wellness (Wellbeats) champion in each building that is in charge of sending their own emails, hanging flyers, and spreading the word about Wellbeats and how much they like it,” says Eileen.

Delaware City Schools continues to promote Wellbeats using assets and resources available on the Wellbeats Marketing Resources page. This includes ongoing emails with Wellbeats Marketing Kits – a monthly campaign with a designated topic or theme that can be promoted throughout the month.

“The Wellbeats (YouTube) nutritional videos are all very good,” says Eileen, referencing materials featured in the Wellbeats March Marketing Kit for National Nutrition Month. “They’re short and sweet messages that I can pull from to share.”

Eileen also expressed appreciation for ongoing email communications sent to Wellbeats administrators about new Marketing Kits and available resources featured on the Wellbeats Marketing Resources page.

“I appreciate continuing to be poked,” she says. “As a coordinator with other jobs in her life, it’s nice to be able to receive reminders and updates.”

What’s Next

After achieving great results with Wellbeats in only a few short months, Delaware City Schools is excited and looking forward to more continued success. In the future, Eileen hopes to organize more incentive programs and challenges. This includes a Stress Awareness challenge in the beginning of the new school year using materials featured in the Wellbeats April Marketing Kit.

“I like Wellbeats because it deals with all different body types,” says Eileen. “It’s a way of showing care and good health to your employees and their family members.”

What Employees Are Saying

“Perfect for beginners or not-feeling-it-today’ers.”

“Fun workouts! Easy to follow and adapt.”

“I really enjoyed this – I did not realize how tight some of my muscles were… I definitely need to focus on stretching more often.”

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