February 10, 2017

Fit Tests: Bench-marking, Measuring, and Improving

For many people, the words “Fit Test” bring back dreaded childhood memories from gym class of toe-touches and ab crunches that were scored relative to their peers. It can bring with it notions of comparison or judgement and for these reasons many shy away from quantitative assessments. While there are plenty of antiquated methods, the concept of benchmarking and measuring physical fitness and growth is still tremendously important for individuals looking to get results.

What are Welllbeats Fit Tests?

Wellbeats has modernized the traditional Fit Test by utilizing exercises that more closely match where fitness workouts are today to assess all-around fitness abilities while giving the participant a great, efficient workout while they’re at it. Our Fit Tests consist of 12-20 minute classes led by a Wellbeats instructor who offers timed intervals in which the participant completes as many repetitions as they can in the time frame allotted, and records their score after each interval. Each class is designed with a built-in recovery, warm up and cool down. All participants need is a mat, a scorecard, and a pencil.

Why Fit Tests?

Knowing where you are in relation to your starting point will help you set realistic goals and select the best Wellbeats classes or other exercises to help you meet them. Measuring your progress is KEY to knowing what’s working and what you need to improve on, and will help you stay motivated by seeing results along the way. After taking a Fit Test, you will have a benchmark and a reason to celebrate your improvement every four to six weeks.

Are Fit Tests One Size Fits All?

Wellbeats offers three different options based on your fitness ability, each located in the Fit Test Channel on our kiosks. Choose the test most appropriate for your fitness ability and when you’re ready, move on to a different Fit Test. Follow the links below to download the appropriate scorecard.

Basic Fit Test: For those who have never exercised or have been exercising less than 1 month
Fit Test 1: For those who have been exercising for at least 3 months
Fit Test 2: For those who have been exercising consistently for at least 4-6 months on a consistent basis
A Participant’s Perspective

“I have always been one of those people who joins a gym every year with the best of intentions and quits a few months later when I lose motivation. This time feels different. Upon joining my gym this fall I was encouraged to take a Wellbeats fit test on the Wellbeats kiosk. I recorded my score on the scorecard and now I had a benchmark. This helped give me the motivation to work towards a 4 week re-test goal where I would see if my hard work was paying off. In my first 4 weeks I never missed a workout! I just took the re-test and I have added 6 points to my score! I am noticing changes in my strength, my energy, my appearance, and my confidence. I am more motivated then I ever have been and love the feeling of pushing my limits AND seeing PROOF that my effort is making a difference.” – Jason, Wellbeats participant