Fitness for Millennials

What Are Millennials Looking for In Fitness?


The Millennial generation is busier than ever and looking for solutions that will fit into their sporadic and ever-changing schedules. They are increasingly looking for “get-in-get-out” solutions and typically prefer a faster-paced 20-30 min session over a longer more moderate pace workout that offers similar results.


Whether running a themed race or obstacle course, getting involved with sports or group fitness, this younger generation, sometimes referred to as “stimulation junkies”, is interested in experiential workouts that will stimulate them mentally, physically and socially. “It’s not just about getting the miles in anymore,” says Wellbeats Director of Education and Content, Linda Shelton. “Both fitness enthusiasts and those new or returning to fitness, are looking for unique ways to get or stay motivated, and what we call “fitertainment” plays a big role. Successful engagement programs are as much about exciting experiences as they are about solid programming. As fitness professionals, we’re responsible for both aspects, and the bar to stimulate and maintain interest is rising every day.”


Millennials and technology are a package deal. You won’t find one without the other in arms reach. And fitness activities are no exception. Millennial researcher Jeff Fromm points out that “even in the traditional gym setting you will find Millennials running on the treadmill, while listening to music, while watching TV, while scrolling through their Twitter feed.” Apps, monitoring and tracking devices are a quick way for this instant-gratification generation to see quantifiable results to measure and share their progress over time. Technology has also granted exercisers access to a world of online workouts, plans and programs that they can personalize based on their needs, wants or schedules.

But at the end of the day, Millennials still value real, face-to-face interactions and accountability. The fitness facilities that can respond to millennials’ need for technology and all it can provide (variety, personalization etc.) and leverage it to build real connections and affinity groups in their facility, will have the winning advantage in maintaining Millennial brand loyalty.

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