September is Healthy Aging Month – the perfect time to turn the spotlight on our functional nutrition coach Christina Sandok, owner of Prescribe Nutrition, and her Wellbeats Anti-Aging Foods class.

Anti-Aging Foods Video

Christina became a certified functional nutritionist after years of struggling with her own health issues. “Realizing that food can play a tremendous role in healing was inspiring to me,” she says. She became a regular Wellbeats Nourish class instructor when we introduced our nutrition category.

Christina acquired Prescribe Nutrition from two nutritionists who founded the business. “We help people make sustainable changes that will lead to a lifetime of feeling good. We want to strip away the diet culture from nutrition and just focus on real foods.”

With these goals in mind, Christina’s Anti-Aging Foods class shares the following 8 Strategies for Healthy Aging*:

1. Fast

2. Eat a low-sugar diet

Christina adds: “Maintaining steady glucose levels is a true key to anti-aging. In fact, wearable glucose monitors are a big trend right now as they help raise awareness of how the body responds to meals.”

3. Choose healthy fats

4. Eat more leafy greens

How? “Add an extra helping of leafy greens to a smoothie, toss a bunch into a stir fry, or have a big salad for lunch,” says Christina.

5. Eat more fruits and veggies

6. Eat high-fiber foods

7. Take it easy on alcohol

8. Non-food anti-aging practices

To clarify and add some color to #8 above, Christina adds:

*Always seek the guidance of your physician or other qualified health professionals for any questions you have regarding your health or a medical condition.

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