September 12, 2021

“I can tell I’ve gotten stronger”


We love spotlighting how our members fit Wellbeats into their lives. 

Marie, an accountant, could tell that she has gotten stronger since she started doing Wellbeats classes in February of 2021. “I helped with a move and the person noticed that I have more strength than I used to,” she says.

Marie adopted a slow and steady pace and has been doing Wellbeats classes at least five times a week, most often before she starts her workday. “I like to pick classes that are 15 to 20 minutes,” she says. She uses duration as her filter and chooses titles that look interesting. “I make selections based on what I feel like doing.”

It’s not totally random as her goal is to “tone my legs and shrink my belly.” She focuses on exercising core muscles and getting an overall body workout. “I like the variety.”

Marie is not interested in the longer 30 to 40-minute classes. “I’ve heard that you can be very effective in a shorter amount of time. That’s what keeps me going … keeps me interested.”

She has also found Wellbeats classes helpful during the workday. “Sometimes in the afternoon, if I’ve been sitting in the same position for too long and my back is feeling like I need to move it in a different direction, I’ll do one of the classes where I can do stretches in my office chair,” says Marie. There are lots of shorter-duration options (8 minutes or less) in the Wellbeats Office Breaks channel, which features classes such as “Cube Calisthenics,” “Crunch for Lunch” and “Upper Body Release.”

Having access to programs planned out for her is important to Marie. “I like the pre-built challenges,” she says. “I’m on my second one. The first one I did was to tone my muscles and I recently started a weight loss program.” In the Wellbeats platform, click the main menu – hamburger icon – in the upper left corner and select Challenges.

Marie Berg with her Grandkids
Marie with her grandchildren

In addition to fitness classes, Wellbeats offers nutrition education, recipes, and mindfulness classes (yoga, meditation, etc.)

Asked what she likes best about Wellbeats, Marie said, “There’s a class for everyone. Anyone can find a class that fits the time they have to exercise, their age, or the equipment they use. And I recently learned that we can share it with our family members, so I shared my login with my daughter!”

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