September 9, 2021

“I needed the exercise classes to relieve stress.”


We love spotlighting how our members fit Wellbeats into their lives. Jodi’s motivation: Increase heartrate and relieve stress

Jodi, a Pediatric Criticial Care Nurse for MultiCare Health System, was grateful that her employer offers Wellbeats when the COVID pandemic shut down businesses. “I was on deployment when I first started using Wellbeats,” she says. Jodi also works for an organization that deploys medical professionals to national disasters. She was deployed to a hospital overridden with COVID patients.

“I used the Wellbeats app in my hotel room because the gym was closed,” says Jodi. “I found it really helpful because I didn’t have a way to work out when I was there. It gave me lots of options while on the road.”

After her shifts, Jodi would find different cardio workouts. “I’d look for classes that were 40 to 50 minutes long,” she explains. “I mainly wanted to increase my heartrate for an extended period of time.” She used the duration search filter along with class type so that she could easily locate longer circuit-style cardio classes.

Supercharged Class
Wellbeats’ Supercharged Class

Jodi also used Wellbeats classes to wind down. “I did some 11 and 12 hour night shifts,” she explains. “I don’t typically work nights, so I was having a hard time transitioning. It was super stressful … we had patients dying every night. And you can’t drink wine when you’re on deployment, which would have helped, too.”

On these occasions, Jodi used Wellbeats yoga and stretching classes.

Gentile Yoga Class
Gentile Yoga Class

“They helped a lot. I needed the exercise classes to relieve stress, and the stretching classes to help me relax and wind down. I found that I was able to sleep better, and then to get up and perform better.”

Maintain healthy weight

Prior to using Wellbeats, Jodi had lost 25 pounds using a subscription-based weight loss app. “I started at 148 pounds and now I’m at 122,” says Jodi. “Wellbeats has definitely helped keep the weight off.”

Jodi says she does better when she’s moving and doing cardio, but lacked those options during COVID. “I used to work out at a gym, but it had been closed and I didn’t feel like wearing a mask while exercising. And I was ad nauseam walking 3 to 5 miles a day, and that gets boring. Wellbeats offered such a relief from all that.”

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