Instructor Spolight: Jeremiah

Jeremiah Lewis-Walker

Today we spotlight legacy Wellbeats instructor Jeremiah Lewis-Walker, who helped us create the Wellbeats Vibe channel and is also an enthusiastic supporter of Pride Month.

Path to choreography career

Jeremiah knew in high school that he wanted to become a performer and choreographer. “When I was in show choir, a choreographer came in to work with us and I knew right then that was what I wanted to do. My first job was actually as a choreographer for the show choir at my alma mater, and that led to teaching choreography with the cheer squad.”

Jeremiah’s career branched out to include a wide variety of companies for which he choreographs pageants, show choirs, dance teams, music videos and more.

From backup dancer to channel creator

Jeremiah was introduced to Wellbeats as a backup dancer in 2005. “I joined a dance company called Soul to Sole Dance Conversion,” he explains. “Wellbeats needed backup dancers, so a group of us danced backup for a yoga class. Then I was hired to do a couple of fun, funky classes, and that led to developing the Vibe channel.”

Party On Class
Party On! Jeremiah shares a fast and fun dance routine in this Vibe class.

Vibe classes are upbeat, cardio-focused, and feature a variety of dance styles including Latin, urban, hip-hop, and more. Wellbeats members: you can check it out here.

Pride Month

Pride Month (the month of June) is especially meaningful to Jeremiah. When he was younger, attending pride events felt freeing and he was excited to be around like-minded people. But outside of his LGBTQ circles, “I was pretty quiet about it. The world can be cruel. As I get older, it’s more about teaching people that acceptance is very important.”

Jeremiah and the Soul 2 Sole dance company teamed with The Firm (a workout studio) in a flash mob performance at a Pride parade

Jeremiah coaches a cheer team and has had students over the years who identify as gay and transgender. “I’m a lot more open with my students now about my partner,” explains Jeremiah. “I’ve experienced tragedies over the years, especially with the younger generation. I always tell people to just be themselves.”

Jeremiah’s cheer team is supporting community outreach events during Pride Month. “It’s always good for people to educate themselves and show support,” he says. “I want to help them to be advocates for students and adults who are in need.”

Share your pictures and hashtags!

Wellbeats is thrilled at the outpouring of support this month as more than 100 companies joined us in sponsoring our new “Show Your Pride” challenge!

If your company is among them, please share your Pride Month pictures on Wellbeats’ Facebook page and on your company’s social media channels with the hashtags #ShowYourPride and #WellbeatsForAll.