October 27, 2021

Kids are 'the stars of the show’ in new kids' classes

Kids are “the stars of the show” in Wellbeats’ new creative classes for children ages 3-10. Co-created by Anna Lowery (pictured below) and Jackie Rood, these lively classes blend structured and unstructured play around fun and creative themes using items found around the house or in the classroom.

Anna teaches classes including Explore and Kids Meditation (more classes will be released in early November).

Background and experience

Anna’s college major in musical theater didn’t last long. “Someone asked me if I wanted to teach group fitness classes, so I got training and started teaching group fitness,” she says. “I loved it so much that I switched my major to health and exercise science.” Since then, Anna has worked for international companies as a fitness trainer and video presenter.

Kids are the stars of the show

Anna and Jackie designed about 20 classes using kid-friendly themes such as building circus tents, boats, or traveling in an RV. “The purpose is to explore their creativity,” Anna explains. “When we were kids, play was all about movement. Our mom would send us outside to play and we’d build a fort or play games. Kids today are spending so much time with fingers on a phone or tablet or video game, the idea of play has changed. We want kids to think of active play as something that’s a normal part of life. If they’re having fun and being creative, hopefully they will enjoy these classes and play them again and again.”

The design of the classes is structured and intentional, while also encouraging the kids to use their imagination. For example, a couch cushion or a towel may become a boat.

In each class, after a quick introduction to the parents and teachers, “We do an introduction to the kids. We want the kids to know that this is their class.” They introduce the theme and then send the kids on a “scavenger hunt” to find items they can use. Next, they build whatever the theme dictates (e.g., boat, circus tent). “Then we get into the physical warmup. It might be marching, jumping jacks, or squats. We want to get their muscles active and ready to go.”

The body exploration track enables the kids to explore the theme. “When we were ninjas, we shuffled forward and back, punched, and did a little jump kick. When we did an explore theme, we went to space, crawled around as aliens, and hid underneath our ship when an asteroid was coming.”

The classes round out with stretches, a cooldown, and meditation or relaxation.

How did it go?

“The kids were absolutely fantastic. They were such a joy to work with,” says Anna. “It’s gotten our wheels turning for what we can do the next time.”

The classes are designed for all kids, including those with disabilities. “We made sure to give alternatives when we were teaching. For example, we did a jump-kick in one of the tracks. We had the kids also demonstrate how to do a double-punch so that if a child does not have the ability to jump or uses a wheelchair, that child can also participate.”

“Our goal was to include all kids who want to participate and to help them get lots of great movement and learn something along the way. I think we absolutely achieved those objectives.”

Anna’s classes

(More classes are coming in early November):

Explore (20 minutes)

Traveling on an adventure can be so much fun … especially in an RV! We are going to build our own RV and go on an adventure with big imaginations and fun exercises to keep us moving!

Kids Meditation (5 minutes)

Take a few moments in your day to relax, breathe, and enjoy being still. It’s a great way to take a calm time-out from all your busyness.

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