November 10, 2021

New Member Experience is Approachable, Accessible, and Affordable


Wellbeats new member experience, a refreshed app (iOS and Android) and member portal, will debut soon. This new member experience is designed to introduce a more personalized, interactive, and inspiring health journey for our members.

A 2-minute video on the portal home page will offer an overview of all the new features and functionality. If you are not a Wellbeats member, client, or partner, you can click here to see the video tour.

Wellbeats President & CEO Jason Von Bank introduced the “why” behind this refreshed member experience:

“We collected feedback from our clients, members, partners, and other thought leaders to inform our product innovation. Although we found each group’s needs unique, there was one set of common expectations: It must be approachable, accessible, and affordable.”


“We learned that 82% of Wellbeats members consider themselves unfit when they start their journey with Wellbeats. Given that, it’s important that both our platform experience and content are approachable to new users. We’ve done this by using a diverse set of certified instructors representing all body types, ages, and abilities. And we created a personalized and safe place to start.”


“In all aspects of our busy lives, we have a growing need and expectation for simplicity. Whether it be in our jobs, in our personal lives, or with our health. Because of this, we focused on making our platform accessible and safe for all users.”


“What is most exciting is that we’ve combined all of these features into a best-in-class product that is also affordable. Improving engagement and ensuring that Wellbeats is an experience for all, no matter their age, interest, or ability, is at the heart of everything we do, and at the center of our new member experience.”

If you’re a Wellbeats member, client, or partner, we hope you enjoy the new member experience. Please let us know what you think!

We wish you and your members many happy hours of being active, eating healthier, and reducing stress with Wellbeats.