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Launch My Health

Launch My Health

Welcome to the Launch My Health Program Resources

Launch My Health is a series of educational programs focused on the impact of nutrition on physical health and mental wellbeing. Led by an experienced, credentialed team of healthcare, culinary, and nutrition experts, Launch My Health’s classes are based on the belief that food is at the core of health and wellbeing. Evidence-supported classes provide step-by-step guidance on your journey to reach your health goals. Each program is accessible through Wellbeats and is led by a registered dietician and includes recipes, meal plans, and helpful tools.

Get started with a program below:

Home Chef Pro

Build confidence in the kitchen and take your skills to the next level. This beginner-friendly, approachable style to cooking features eight course topics, including knife skills, cooking methods, and how to prepare common convenience foods.

Kids in the Kitchen

Get kids excited about cooking and trying new foods while learning basic kitchen skills and safety. This program includes fun, interactive “little chefs” cooking classes with kid-approved, healthy recipes that inspire creativity. Geared for kids ages 7-13.

Optimizing Brain Health

Learn how to optimize cognitive function and reduce your risk of developing a variety of neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. This program includes nutrition interventions focused on research-backed science.

Restore Gut Health

Did you know over 70 million Americans live with a functional gut disorder? That’s more than double the number with diabetes. This effective, science-based program helps heal the gut to optimize health and manage chronic health conditions.

Optimizing Women’s Hormones

Get a handle on hormonal changes that occur as the body ages with nutrition and lifestyle strategies that work. Course topics include hot flashes, weight gain, and emotional health.

Putting Out the Flame

Did you know 80% of chronic diseases are lifestyle related? This program outlines lifestyle and nutrition interventions that promote weight loss and improve insulin resistance to help reduce chronic inflammation and related conditions.

Prenatal Nutrition

Discover the most up-to-date food and nutrition strategies to support you and your baby throughout your entire pregnancy. You will learn where to focus your nutrition efforts and simple ways you can begin implementing right away.