Client Spotlight: TowneBank finds success with Wellbeats’ Custom Program Feature

Since TowneBank introduced Wellbeats Wellness, a product of LifeSpeak Inc., in January 2022, virtual on-demand wellness classes have enriched the lives of TowneBank employees with convenience, education, and flexibility.  

With classes focused on fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness, Wellbeats Wellness makes it easy for TowneBank employees to concentrate on their health and fitness needs, interests, and goals.  

TowneBank’s Health and Wellness Advisor Christy Rudisill, RN, CWPC, is committed to improving employee wellness. For the past 11 years, Christy has supported TowneBank’s wellness initiatives, providing helpful resources that cater to TowneBank’s array of employees.  

“We do have a lot of wellness benefits and programs,” Christy said. “We have a fitness reimbursement program, and we do corporate wellness challenges, and we have a gym and fitness classes in our corporate office. However, Wellbeats Wellness filled a niche when we got it because it was something we could offer to employees companywide; they could use it at work and after work; and it offered programs that not only supported fitness, but also nutrition and mental wellbeing.”   

 Christy quickly found TowneBank could leverage Wellbeats Wellness’ Custom Program feature for the company’s annual wellness challenges, which are designed to increase engagement and boost participation in TowneBank’s wellbeing initiatives. These short challenges typically take place over 2–4 weeks.  

With Wellbeats Wellness’ vast array of classes and extensive client support, it was incredibly easy for Christy and her team to create, implement, and execute their two wellness challenges in 2022 using Wellbeats Wellness’ Custom Programs, while encouraging employees to engage with Wellbeats Wellness in a unique way. 

In 2022, TowneBank’s “Kick-Off to Summer” program was designed to create awareness around logging into Wellbeats Wellness and exploring a variety of classes. The “12 Days of Fit-Mas” holiday-centralized wellness program encouraged employees to focus on fitness, gratitude, and stress management during the holiday season. Employees had the opportunity to win prizes based on the number of activities they completed within the programs during each challenge.  

TowneBank saw impressive engagement with Wellbeats Wellness during its Custom Programs. In fact, each Custom Program resulted in more class play minutes per month than the previous six months combined and 2-3 times more unique logins while promoting the Custom Programs. 

Wellbeats Wellness has become an invaluable and beloved piece of TowneBank’s wellbeing initiatives 

The TowneBank community has appreciated Wellbeats Wellness’ ability to cater to all ages while also meeting the specific needs and interests of employees of all ability levels. Christy said that TowneBank has employees of all ages, and they have a wide variety of needs and interests.  Programs of high interest include preventative care and health management. Nutrition has also been a popular category of classes among TowneBank employees.  

“One thing that we really love about Wellbeats Wellness that we didn’t have a lot of resources for was nutrition,” said Christy, expressing her appreciation for the variety of class categories available through Wellbeats Wellness. She added that a lot of resources have gone into improving the quality of life for TowneBank’s employees.  

Christy added that Wellbeats Wellness’ virtual on-demand fitness classes have been a perfect supplement to TowneBank’s existing fitness resources as Wellbeats Wellness is readily accessible to TowneBank’s whole geographic spread of employees; not all employees have access to a gym. 

To further boost employee engagement with Wellbeats Wellness, TowneBank’s monthly newsletter has adopted a section specifically for Wellbeats Wellness to promote upcoming webinars, programs of interest, and more. 

Ashley Seeloff, TowneBank’s Banking Officer, and Executive Assistant to Chief Human Resources Officer, shared her appreciation of Wellbeats Wellness’ convenience.  

“I think that a lot of our employees enjoy the fact that they can go anytime, throughout their busy schedule or if they have a moment off, or they have a lunch break that they can do things, especially on their phones,” said Ashley. 

“I think that’s a huge benefit that they do enjoy where they can kind of set up their own time frames to do things,” Ashley continued. “When they’re cooking something for dinner, they can just go right into Wellbeats—at any time. I think they really enjoy the fact that they can set their own pace, set their own time frames.”

Key Challenges:  

TowneBank wanted to offer more nutrition and mental wellbeing resources and incorporate a solution that offered fun and diverse physical activity for all ages and ability levels. 

Preventive care and health management are key areas of interest among TowneBank’s employee population.  

TowneBank’s employees cover a wide geographical spread with varying access to fitness solutions. 

Program Highlights: 

TowneBank has had success incorporating Wellbeats Wellness’ Custom Program feature.  

TowneBank used Wellbeats Wellness’ Custom Program features for two corporate wellness challenges in 2022, “12 Days of Fit-Mas” and “Kick-Off to Summer.” 

Wellbeats Wellness has also been integrated in TowneBank’s monthly newsletter under their “Towne for Life” program. There is a designated spot to promote Wellbeats Wellness to encourage employees to participate in between corporate wellness challenges.